Let's get it done Cho!!

Hello Again Charlotte Basketball fans! Just so you know I have a very boring job and thinking about how the bobcats can get better gets me through the day. Here is another mock offseason I have come up with. This is a bit more complicated with a lot more trades. Let me know what you think!

Mike D’Antoni – Very successful when he doesn’t have to deal with players with big egos. If you look at the teams in the finals, they are both teams that run the floor and get a lot of points in transition. If we hired D’Antoni, we would also need to bring in a defensive minded assistant coach to make sure teams aren’t dropping 120 on our team on a nightly basis.

Trade SF Corey Maggette to NO for PF Emeka Okafor + 10th overall pick – Oak is owed a lot of money, but he is still a serviceable player. I think it’s worth bringing him back to charlotte to get NO’s other 1st rounder. We would be offering NO with financial relief with Maggette’s expiring contract.

Trade our 2nd overall pick to Cavs for their 4th and 24th overall pick – Cavs can move up past Washington to get MKG.

Trade 24th overall pick + PG DJ Augustin (sign+trade) to GS Warriors for SG Stephen Curry – I think this trade will be good for both teams. Marc Jackson will get a more traditional PG to run his offense.

Sign Antawn Jamison – Jamison lives in Charlotte and has said he was would like to play for our team. He is a great leader that can be a good mentor for our younger players.

Sign Grant Hill – Jordan said he is interested in bringing in Hill and I think it’s a great idea.

Amnesty Tyrus Thomas – diminishing skills and no drive to be an NBA player. Get rid of him and look to the future.


1st round pick(4th overall) – SF Harrison Barnes – Barnes is a great prospect that is a very efficient scorer. Barnes has a good relationship with Jordan and I think he will prosper playing in Charlotte. He is NBA ready and has all the tools to be an all star. Just so you know, I have a huge Wolfpack fan so this is the farthest thing from a homer pick J I think he really is that good!

1st round pick(10th overall) – PG Austin Rivers – I would be so excited to see what this guy can do in D’Antoni’s system. He is a perfect pick and roll point guard because of his ability to drive to the basket and shoot the 3. Again, Wolfpack fan so not a homer pick.

2nd round pick – SG Will Barton - If this guy came into the draft next year, he would be a lottery pick. He needs to put on a lot of weight to fit his 6’6 frame, but he extremely athletic and can score the ball(18ppg). He is worth the risk in the second round.

I believe this offseason will get us back to respectability and allow give us a lot of options in the future. I feel we have a lot of good pieces, we just have to use them correctly. While Cho rebuilds, players like Curry, Barnes, and Rivers will bring enough excitement and $$$ to the team to make keep Jordan happy

Depth chart

PG – Austin Rivers, Kemba Walker

SG – Gerald Henderson, Stephen Curry, Will Barton, Matt Carroll

SF – Harrison Barnes, Grant Hill, Reggie Williams

PF – Antawn Jamison, Emeka Okafor, DJ White

C – Bismack Biyombo, Byron Mullens, Dasagna Diop

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