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I think we should seriously consider drafting Barnes or Drummond. Robinson would be safest. Bust these numbers say alot. I personally would love any of these three players.

Here is what one persons point of view:

Harrison Barnes
6'8" 227 lbs
6'11" wingspan
Supposedly a 40-43 inch vertical so a lot more athletic than people say.
Good scorer, very good shooter, smart, athletic, good length.

Thomas Robinson
6-9 245
7'3" wingspan
35.5 inch vertical
Go-to scorer mentality, good rebounder, athletic, good length.

Andre Drummond
7-0 280 lbs
7'6" wingspan
38 inch vertical (says he has hit 40 before)
Better measurables than Dwight Howard! Potential to be the best in the draft.

Barnes and Robinson are the safe picks. You know what you will get with them.

Harrison Barnes:

FLOOR: Harrison Barnes will at least be a 15-18 ppg scorer that is a solid defender, solid rebounder and could make multiple all star games as a good #2 option.

CEILING: Harrison Barnes could be a 20+ ppg scorer and develop his other skills enough to make him a star and perennial all star.

Thomas Robinson: FLOOR: Robinson will be at least a 15 ppg scorer that can get you 8-10 rpg with solid defense. A very good #3 option on a good team, or a #2 option on a solid team. Could make an all star game or 2.

CEILING: Robinson could be an 18+ ppg scorer that can also get you 10+ rebounds per game with good defense and highlight plays all game. A very good #2 option on a good team. He could very well even be a 20/10 guy. All star game mainstay.

Andre Drummond:

FLOOR: His floor is the lowest of all of the top 10 picks, maybe lowest of all lottery picks. His floor is probably of a more athletic DeAndre Jordan. Nothing special, but still a starter for a good team. Just a 8-10 ppg, 8-10 rpg type of player with good defense.

CEILING: His ceiling could be the highest in the draft to be honest. His ceiling is that of Dwight Howard. He actually measures out to be more athletic than Dwight Howard was out of high school, and that's with Dwight Howard having a 6-10 240 lb frame... Andre Drummond is already 7 feet tall and weighs 280 lbs. Drummond has a GREAT NBA body already, an amazing 7'6" wingspan, an amazing 38 inch vertical for a guy his size, and was said to be the fastest player on a UConn team that also had Jeremy Lamb and some quick PG's.

What do you think we should do? I'd love any of these 3 picks! They could all be All Star's. They all measured out very well in the combine and all look to be very good players in the future. Andre Drummond is a FREAK though... my god I've never seen such an athletic 7 footer. I've never seen such an athletic guy around his size. Dwight Howard is the closest and he's still not quite in the class that Drummond is in. A bunch of teams are trying to trade up to take a chance on Drummond now also so he's now in high command after that combine.

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