The mives36 Summer of Success-"Cho Strikes Back, Vol. 1"

2 weeks until draft day....and I can't take it. The lottery letdown has transformed into Pick Number Deux Delirium. I go between totally digging the idea of sticking and picking at #2 while I chug down my morning coffee (Raven's Brew- I suggest "Deadman's Reach" or "Three-Peckered Billygoat"....I know Carolina folks, no Dunkin Donuts in Fairbanks, un-American as that is) to finishing my evening acid hits and actually thinking focus has some great ideas (I kid, I kid) and wanting to flip #2 for something like #7, #30, #48, #89, and Delonte West's firstborn. So without further ado....I give you MY dream ideas for the Bobcats summer (somewhat reasonable....of course gotta lean towards our boys, and one must never doubt the power of the Cho. "It is like a finger pointing to the sky".....smack's all you silly rascals staring at the pointer....."Focus on the finger, and you miss all that heavenly glory." Or something cool Bruce Lee said....

My idea is based off a 3-team trade that moves the #2 pick, but acquires two picks to snag "Tier B" talent. I think these moves help all teams and especially us (of course) by giving us a young roster just packed with talent to grow and become great together.

Bobcats: Trade- #2 pick to Sacramento. Maggs, Hendo, Mullens, and #31 pick to Cleveland. (Possible sign and trade with DJAug to either team to sweeten their pot)

Sacramento: Trade- #5 pick, Tyreke Evans, Hassan Whiteside, and John Salmons to Charlotte. #36 pick to Cleveland.

Cleveland: Trade- #4 pick and #33 to Charlotte. Anderson Varejao, Luke Walton, and #34 pick to Sacramento.

Lineups and reasons:

Bobcats: Lots of movement. Giving up some guys we love. Picks #4, #5, and #33 are key. I believe we see the top 3 go Brow, MKG, Beal...and we snag at 4 and 5 our SF and PF of the decade, Barnes and T-Rob. We add a contract in Salmons, but he has some vet skills (kinda plays the backup SG role like we hoped Carroll could). And this team has lots of explosiveness, offense will come as the gel, coaches must harp on DEFENSE and make these young fellas play hard-nosed D (these guys can). This team could become studly.

Starting: Kemba, Tyreke, Barnes, T-Rob, Biyombo. Reserves: Salmons, RWill, UPS, Jamison (FA), Tyrus, Whiteside, #33 pick (Wroten, Drew Gordon, Tyshawn Taylor, Acy, Sims, Machado, Melo?, Ezeli?)

Sacramento: I think they really want to move Tyreke. And we know they want MKG to fill that SF spot. Picking #2 looks dandy. Getting rid of some $ in Salmons helps and frees some PT for young gunners (Jimmer, Thornton, Garcia, MKG, etc.) and adding a real, tough, defensive/rebounding PF to play alongside Cousins gives them a needed edge and toughness. Hoping Sac-town believes in Varejao.

Starting: Isiah Thomas, Thornton, MKG, Varejao, Cousins. Reserves: DJA?, Garcia, Jimmer, Honeycutt, T-Will, Outlaw, Walton, Jason Thompson, #34 pick (see above..add in guys like Barton, Fournier, Miller, Green, etc.)

Cleveland: Sitting at #4 and looking for a compliment to ROY Kyrie Irving, they add some proven talent instead of risking it on Barnes (I think they are kinda bluffing on how much they LOVE Harrison). They keep their pick at #24, and add #31 and #36. Shipping out Varajao hurts some, but he wasn't getting his love there anymore. It's Tristan Thompson time at PF in Cleveland. Hendo would be a great sidekick for Irving (Dukies) and Maggs would provide some scoring at the SF on his expiring $. Mully helps with PF/C depth and scoring. This team lets Gee move to his SF spot and creates a REALLY deep team that has some flexibility (Expiring contracts to move...Dwight Howard to Cleveland? haha or signing a big FA)

Starting: Irving, Hendo, Gee, Thompson, (Hibbert/Kaman). Reserves: Sloan, Harris, Gibson, Casspi, Maggs, Samuels, #24 pick (Royce White, Jeff Taylor, Quincey Miller, etc), #31 and #36 picks (see above)

What are your thoughts? It will take some MJ convincing (see Biyombo's Spanish contract negotiations) and some Cho abbra-caddabara...and if we sign and trade DJAug to Sac, I would want them to cahlk a future 1st in for the Cavs or something to help sway...who knows. ANd how about ol' Sloan to teach Kemba, Reke, and Barnes how to kill a pick and roll using our post gangsters in Biz and T-Rob. Oh! Fun to say!!!

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