all three teams have a transition coming in the next few years. with sacramento, the team is on the cusp of a move to seattle and will need to improve roster wise to attract a fair purchase price. for cleveland, they are on the cusp of becoming a decent young team led by kyrie irving and need scoring. as for charlotte, we need to add a little of everything at all positions to become a functional roster in a few years. since we hold the top card (#2) in any trade, we can help both teams as well as our own team. heres how......

- keep in mind this move does NOT show the picks involved, just the players and contracts.

additions: cleveland get #2 from charlotte & #36 from sacramento

sacramento gets #4 from cleveland & #31 from charlotte

charlotte gets #5 from sacramento #34 from cleveland

heres the reason we do this trade: charlotte needs scoring AND defensive presence at the PF spot, we get a year 2 david west type power forward in tristan thompson, who dick cho scouted hard last draft, whose developed from day one and ready to elevate this team. in addition to the spot being filled next to biyombo in the post, we get a go to scorer who happens to be a playmaker as well in tyreke evans, who played at SF last year with the kings and can do the same here. we play with house money using #5 as the best player available falls to that spot. theres no eggs in one basket scenario where if player X is not there we dont get value from this draft. assuming the order goes 1 thru 4 as davis, robinson, beal, MKG, then we have the option to pick a bonafide center in drummond, a brusier in sullinger, a scorer in barnes, or a playmaker in lillard. our options are endless.

now cleveland has a blake griffin type for irving to lob city to in t-rob. they can either amnesty thomas or keep him as a valuable lob option for irving as well. as for losin varejo, hes the old regiem and they played more with erden and samuels at center last year. no lose to the new regieme.

sactown gets a starting young vet center in anderson varejo to pair with cousins, legitimitizing their front court out west and making them an attractive team to buy. then with #4 its likley they take either beal or MKG to be their SF of the the sonics.

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