A Look Into Mike Dunlap's Philosophies

Everybody got their own Mike Dunlap post, why can't I have one? Lol.

I'm sure everyone has done their own research on Mike Dunlap in some form or capacity already. Mine had come from basically just everything that's been given to me by the media and those of you on this site. I haven't ventured off into doing my own research too much yet, but I came across these videos today that made me EXTREMELY ecstatic about how Dunlap plans to handle this team................

This first video here is apparently a part of some kind of basketball teaching video and is titled the first 6 seconds. I think this will help Kemba improve immensely. I love listening to the guy talk because he is implementing a philosophy in his teachings. It's not just pass the ball in, run up the court and make a play (no disrespect to Paul Silas, but I think that's how he tried to coach us last year), but with these young kids, he is going to make them make better decisions that will turn them into great players or may expose them as some kids that couldn't get it together.

This second video is called Cutthroat, aka, Shell Drill on Steroids and watching this video I think makes us a 12 win team at least this past season. Often times, I was discouraged by player communication (a problem with young guys and quiet vets like Boris Diaw was with us and Corey Maggette will probably continue to be) and Dunlap uses that as a reason to stop the drill here. Either way, from his words, I think it's apparent that he realizes that the game has to be somewhat fun for players and no matter what you're teaching, they need to buy in for it to work.

This third video is the 1-1-3 zone and I think it will make up for a LOT of our individual player deficiencies, especially Kemba Walker and Bismack Biyombo. All I can say to this one is how can you not be excited? Or how can you see this being an "epically" bad move as a lot of fans are making it out to be. I think we probably have found a diamond in the rough.

Of course, these videos don't tell the whole story about how Dunlap coaches, and it's also not a look into how anyone else coaches. A lot of bad perennial bad teams are probably getting similar teachings. But I have NO DOUBTS that foolishness (aka Kemba standing around dribbling, Tyrus shooting long range 2's, Cory Higgins being on the floor) are over with or will be addressed immediately. I seen a picture in another thread that said that Dunlap was a good hire because he was a college coach and would be coaching a college team, in a sarcastic sense of course, but if you think about it, it's true. One and done or sophomore kids coming up still need those teachings.

For those of you still crying over the people we've passed up consider this:

Jerry Sloan is 70 years old and basically quit his Utah Jazz tenure because his inability to get along with Deron Williams. (If that doesn't scream tired old man, I don't know what does)

Brian Shaw has openly stated he wants the job in Orlando and probably has plans of running a triangle based offense. For us? Yuck!

Quinn Snyder and his numerous violations, drunkness, inexperience, yadda yadda yadda. Whatever, just make yourself not like him for a second. Lol.

Nate McMillan, the coach fired in mid season because there was a rebel mutiny against him led by Raymond Felton of all people.

I think we've made a good move. How do you feel about the videos above?

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