2-year plan

Hello Again Charlotte Basketball fans! Here’s a fun and realistic 2-year plan for our Charlotte Bobcats. Don’t worry guys, this is the last one I will do before the draft. :)

Year 1:

Trade our 2nd overall pick + PF Tyrus Thomas to Cavs for their 4th overall pick + 24th overall pick + Luke Walton – Cavs can move up past Washington to get Beal. There will be the bidding war between Washington and Cavs. We find a way to unload Tyrus’s contract and get an additional pick.

PG DJ Augustin (sign+trade) + SF Reggie Williams to Rockets for C Samuel Dalembert – Dalembert is on the block. Houston will make this deal because they need a pg when Dragic leaves. There aren’t many young pg available in free agency. We need Dalembert’s expiring.

Sign F Antawn Jamison to a 2-year deal – Jamison lives in Charlotte and has said he was would like to play for our team. He is a great leader that can be a good mentor for our younger players.


1st round pick(4th overall) – SF Harrison Barnes – Barnes is a great prospect that is a very efficient scorer. Barnes has a good relationship with Jordan and I think he will prosper playing in Charlotte. At worst he is a starter that averages 12-15 ppg.

1st round pick(24th overall) - PF Jared Sullinger – Top-15 Talent that will fall in the draft because of injury concerns. He is still a very skilled player with size/power. I think he is worth the pick.

2nd round pick – PG/SG Tony Wroten - Very talented guard that was in contention for pac-12 PoY during his freshman year. If he stayed in school one more year, he would be a lottery pick. Has great strength and ball handling skills. Could be a great addition to our bench.

Sign Jae Chrowder as an undrafted FA – Could be another steal. Can't believe that he isn't in any mock drafts that I have seen. He is short(6'7) but plays very physically and has a great motor. Reminds me of Kenneth Faried.


Year 2: It will be another tough year. With so many young players, we win about 15-20 games and come away with another top-5 pick. However, Diop, Walton, Maggette, Carroll and Dalembert come off the books, so we have a lot of cap space to play with.

Re-sign Byron Mullens – He has played very well and deserves to a new contract. Great player off the bench.

Sign Chris Paul to a Max Deal – I don’t see CP3 signing a extension with the Clip. He has said in the past that he wants to play in Charlotte and he already is endorsed by Jordan Brand, so they have a relationship. CP3 will be 28 and will still be in his prime.


1st round – PF Cody Zeller – Talented Big man prospect that can score efficiently and is also a good defensive presence. Well-spoken and have a good work ethic.

1st round(via Portland) – SG Reggie Bullock – Great shooter that is from the state. He could be a great addition to our bench.

2nd round – PF Augusto Lima – Very interesting prospect. Has great size and skill. Reminds me a lot like Splitter.

Depth chart

PG – Chirs Paul, Kemba Walker, Tony Wroten

SG – Gerald Henderson, Reggie Bullock

SF – Harrison Barnes, Jae Crowder,

PF – Cody Zeller, Antawn Jamison, Jared Sullinger, Augusto Lima

C – Bismack Biyombo, Byron Mullens,

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