My Cats Mock Draft

I thought I would share with you my "dream" draft for our Cats tomorrow night.

So we all know that the trade with Cleveland is a possibility and I definitely see us pouncing on their interest in Beal and getting the following for our #2: the #4, #24, and #31. I know that Cleveland really doesn't want to give us the #31 in addition to the #24 but we should be able to use Washington's interest in Beal to force their hand.

I know that the big buzz is that several teams are trying to trade with Washington to select T-Rob ahead of us since we are rumored to trade down but as James excellent main post earlier illustrates that is highly unlikely. So with that said here is my Bobcats dream mock draft for tomorrow night.

#4: Thomas Robinson, PF, KU.... We have all read a lot about Robinson and I believe he is at the top of the Cats list in terms of players they have evaluated. He is a physical FREAK and I loved a fellow posters description of him in the fanshots section several days ago after being invited to the Drummond/Robinson workout media session. My hope for Robinson is that he turns into Grandmamma and helps turn his energy onto the court into energy in the stands like LJ did.

#24: Doron Lamb, SG, UK... I think that this guy helps provide some instant offense that could benefit our team and would be a fantastic addition in helping us score more that 70 points per game. I know that he is on the smaller side but believe that his scoring is exactly what we need and what Dunlap wants. The following description of him by Chad Ford makes me think he could be a valuable NBA player: "He's one of the two or three best shooters in the draft. He's a super smooth scorer with terrific range on his jump shot. He even showed this week that he can play some point when asked to do so. He's versatile, can really stroke his jump shots and has come up big over and over for Kentucky this season."

#31: Will Barton, SF, Memphis... I believe that this guy is a future star to be honest with you. He scores in droves and improved greatly over the course of the last year. I feel that he would have been a lottery pick had he stayed one more year at Memphis. I know that he is still on the smallish end as a SF but feel like he could come in and compete to start for us this coming year. I also wouldn't mind taking him at 24 and Lamb at 31 if we were worried we wouldn't get Barton at 31, and I would give up the chance at Lamb to grab Barton. The following is a description from Draft Express: Defensively, Barton has both the tools (size, length, lateral quickness) and the willingness to make his presence felt on this end of the court. He gets down in a stance and will play tough, intense, in-your-face pressure defense looking to shut-down his match up. The tools he displays are undeniable, with his excellent size, outstanding wingspan, and very nice athleticism. Barton is a scorer through and through, showing great instincts in this area, a real hunger to put the ball in the basket, and the type of swagger and competitiveness that most great players do. He has solid court vision, making some very intelligent passes in drive and dish situations in both the half-court and in transition, as well as a jump-shot that he should be able to develop into a terrific weapon down the road.

#33: Festus Ezeli, C, Vandy. I think that Ezeli could come in and immediately give us quality at the C position. Like many of you I am a big believer in Biz and would like to see him stay at the 5 but we would benefit from having some more size and experience behind/splitting time with them. The following is a write up on Ezeli from Draft Express: What makes Ezeli intriguing will always start with his 6-11, 255-pound frame. Possessing prototypical size and athleticism for a NBA center, Ezeli has no shortage of physical tools. He uses his physical tools as a rebounder. Utilizing his mobility and leaping ability effectively, Ezeli is a very good catch-and-finish option in the paint. Defensively, Ezeli does a nice job utilizing his strength at the rim and his quickness away from it for the most part. Showing a solid motor denying entry passes in the post and quickly regaining good guarding position when his man does get the ball, Ezeli is a solid one-on-one defender down low.

I know that A LOT of things have to break our way for this draft to occur but that is why I called it a dream mock draft. I also used the Bobcats "Mocking the Draft" tool on their website and all of these guys could be available at these picks with Ezeli being the biggest dropper. What do you think? Thanks for reading my first post!!!

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