Making something out of nothing.... Meet Craig Brackins

Greetings fellow Bobcats fans. After the news today of Carl Landry signing with the Warriors, and the requests in previous threads for more posts.....I offer you my thoughts for the evening. Take them as you may, as I am obviously not Rich Cho (sure would LOVE his job though! but I'll leave the real bball decisions to him). We find our Cats almost set for the season with some areas of the roster looking like they could use an extra body. Specifically, big bodies. And unfortunately, there just aren't many left. Losing out on Landry could feel like a serious body blow, but fear not. I bring you the diamond in this rough (for real...go look at who's left at the PF spot ). Ladies and gents, I bring before you..........Craig Brackins.

P.S. He's 6'10" and he grew up skateboarding. Like, dude is a monster and is busting out kickflips and junk. Cray.

In desperate need of a PF for depth we find a perfect fit in C Brack-ish. Info on our guy:

Age: 24 (2 yrs NBA experience)

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 230 lbs

Drafted 2010 (1st Round, 21st pick) out of Iowa State

Has almost no NBA floor time (only 17 appearances in 2 seasons, with an avg of 7 min per game respectively) as he has been buried on the bench by the big depth and veteran bigs on the 76ers roster (Thaddeus Young, Elton Brand, Spencer Hawes, Nikola Vucevic, Lavoy Allen, Tony Battie).

I was a big fan of Brackins during his run at Iowa State where he was dominant and just plain fun to watch. He is quick and agile for his size. Has remarkable footwork (can thank the years of skateboarding for that, I imagine) and is very athletic. Has long arms (7'0" wingspan). Can dribble/handle the ball well for his size. Can pass (has a bit of Royce White in him). Needs to be a bit more consistent on offense, but can take over games. Hits the outside shot with good form. Can score in the paint, but needs some work on back-to-the-basket moves. Needs some improvement on his defensive smarts and rebounding positioning, but Dunlap and the guys are perfect for teaching this. Speaking of that, his athleticism and agility would fit great into our running, pressing, pushing scheme.

Take a minute and watch the vid of this kid. What do you think? He needs a chance to play.....and honestly, we have a great opportunity for a young PF to get a chance to show up and show off. Craig Brackins can be that guy.

Craig Brackins Iowa State Highlight Reel (via isuvideo)

College Stats: Brack played 3 seasons at Iowa State. His sophomore and junior seasons were his dominant years. In January of 2009 against Kansas, Brack dropped 42 and grabbed 14 boards.

08-09: PPG-20.2 RPG-9.5 APG-1.3 BPG-0.9 SPG-0.5

09-10: PPG-16.5 RPG-8.5 APG-2.2 BPG-1.2 SPG-0.8

His 3 years of combine for the following: 45% FG, 30% 3pt FG, 73% FT


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