Exactly What Happened On Draft Night?

A strange turn of events occurred on draft night that surprisingly no one has been mentioning............but exactly what happened?

In the 2012 NBA Draft, the Bobcats came away with Michael Kidd Gilchrist with the #2 selection. Regarded by many as the second best player behind Kentucky teammate Anthony Davis, he is hell of a selection for a rebuilding franchise coming off the worst season ever. He's super young, and already super talented, helping the Kentucky Wildcats win a national title in his one season there. I have NO PROBLEM with the pick at all.

You guys know I have no problem with anything at all that the Bobcats do really. I mean, there are things that I don't like, but my personality will only let me vent on those things for a day or two and then probably never mention them again. The DeSagana Diop trade was absolute crap to me from day one. Drafting Sean May was a huge no no in my world. Signing Cory Higgins to a guaranteed deal. WTF?

But since I'm a fan, I look at it from the eyes of the perspective of the team. Ok, maybe we did need a big man like Diop. He had started on a winning team with the Dallas Mavericks for a good while. Or, maybe Sean May being picked up had more to do with his silky smooth short jumper instead of the fact that he came from UNC. Or maybe Cory............well, that guy just sucks. He obviously made the team because of Rod. It is what it is.

Either way, that's how I am about things. So, when you read this, don't take as me complaining about anything, just me wondering about something that I'll probably never wonder about again.

As the results show, there were a ton of smoke screens being tossed around and the Cleveland Cavaliers really did want the player that we got in MKG. There were talks of everyone falling in love with Brad Beal and wanting to jump up to our spot just to make sure they got them. There were talks of our pick going to Cleveland for their #4, #24, or a combination of 2nd round picks. There was a HUGE was between the Washington Wizards and Cavs for Beal. And then........

There's nothing to weird about this video. It is what it is. The selection of MKG to the Bobcats. But that's because this video doesn't show the enormous amount of extra time that the Cats took to make their pick. After each pick, there are 5 minutes given to the team with the upcoming pick to iron out their selection. After the Hornets, for whatever reason, took a few minutes deciding on Davis, our pick was up, and our countdown began.

I remember the crew on the set discussing various things concerning Davis and nothing really about Charlotte until there was about 30 seconds left on the clock. They actually began a video segment on the Bobcats as the clock was running out that lasted probably another minute. I can't quite remember............

Either way, I was for certain that there was a deal in the works for us considering how many teams were wanting to move up and the fact that the teams with the #3 and #4 picks were two of them. With the clock expired, I started getting nervous. I had remembered seeing a team in the NFL let the clock run out on them and another team took their turn and made their selection before they were able to.

With Stern hurrying out to the stage, I thought, "ah hell, we've run out of time trying to make our pick and Washington is gonna take Beal". The rest is history. Even on the board, there was a moment of shock for most of us that we just flat out picked MKG. A lot of us wanted him in the first place, so they were ecstatic, but for everyone else, we were wondering why a deal wasn't made. And I was particularly left wondering exactly what took the Cats so long to make the selection.

Again, with the draft playing out the way that it, I began immediately assuming that MKG was basically the players all three of the teams (us, Wiz, Cavs) wanted the whole time, until I seen this quote by Wizards coach Randy Wittman,

"The last couple days, basically (Bradley Beal) was the player being talked about the most of teams behind us that wanted to try to trade up to No. 2 to get him. You just wake up every morning and hear more and more chatter of this kid. … I just thought maybe Charlotte, being in the position they are in trying to rebuild their team, that they would maybe just drop back and try to get a couple more assets and build that way. So, actually, when they announced Charlotte’s pick, with Kidd-Gilchrist, we kind of erupted with a bit of surprise."

This quote to me says that at the least, there was a deal with Washington in place where we could have traded back one with Washington and had picked up an additional asset (Singleton, 2nd round pick, etc). There are a variety of scenarios that you can come up with, but exactly what do you think happened on draft night?

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