I got nothing better to do right now (FA talk).

First, I would like to say I like Goran Dragic as a player but I'm glad he signed with Phoenix! I think 9 mil a year would have been a mistake and better off spending to create depth and a young competitive atmosphere. This year is about being smart and not over spend like some teams are doing. I think the Bobcats should be creative with there roster and look for versatility. I also think Coach Dunlap give us the opportunity to go out and get players who have underacheived or yet to develop.

First order of business is to Amnesty T.T. because outside of his willingness to work, he is the only one after this year that would be eligible for amnesty tag. I can't envision him ever living up to 8, 8.6 and 9.3 mil over the next three seasons. Now with that 9mil we were willing to pay Dragic and the extra dollars from T.T. I would spend that on FA's (if they want to come here) PF/C J.J. Hickson, PF/C A. Randolph, SF/PF Donte Greene and G Terrence Williams with the idea of moving him to PG. Hickson could probably be signed for 3.5, Randolph 3.0, Twill 2.0 and Greene 1.5. Now you have 4 young athletic, versatile, talented defensive minded 1st players to blend with the culture you are trying to establish for about 10mil a year combined. I would open camp and tell everybody all starting positions are up for grabs.

Point Guards: Kemba Walker, D.J. Augustine, Terrence Williams. (3)

Shooting Guards: Gerald Henderson, Ben Gordon, Reggie Williams, Matt Carroll. (4)

Small Forward: Michael Kidd-Glichrist, Derrick Brown, Jeff Taylor, Donte Greene. (4)

Power Forward: J.J. Hickson, Anthony Randolph. (2)

Center: Bismack Biyombo, Byron Mullens, Diop (3)

The max amount of players on roster is 15 and 12 active on game day. So as of now I am one over and DJ and Brown are not offically on the team and can be rescinded. I don't count Carroll and Diop as viable contributors and not part of future plans so a buyout or release can get us below that number. I say get this players locked in on a 2-3 yr deal at no risk because next year we got Williams, Carroll, Brown, Augustine, Diop and possibly Gordon (player option) coming off the books.

Just my opinion,

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