Hmmm disappointing players in Bobcats history? Nope, none that I can recall

DeSagana Diop avoids being the Bobcats' first disappointing player in team history, deflecting a Ben Gordon pass with his face.

When I was told that this week's SB Nation Basketball theme would be disappointing players in team history, I rejoiced.

Disappointing players? On the Bobcats? Do I just post an article with no words?

I've seen a lot of things. Lots of Bobcats games. I've experienced a lot of things. Lots of head trauma. Lots of PTSD. Yet I can't remember any disappointing Bobcats players.

Come to think about it, I can't recall much of anything.

Whoa my car keys are shiny

What were we talking about? Ah yes, disappointing players. Anyway, yeah I don't think we've had any. Let's take a jump into my way-back machine and check it out year-by-year to be sure.

2004-05: Bobcats draft Emeka Okafor. He is named Rookie of the Year.

2005-06: Ah yes, I remember this year. It was the year I had that head injury. Yep, no disappoints I think.

2006-07: Not a bad season; Gerald Wallace was really good, Emeka Okafor was good. I think this was Ada-- huh that's weird, my head hurts really bad when I try to say Ada-- OW. Huh. You know, come to think about it, I think I had a freak head injury that year, too. Regardless, no letdowns that year either I think.

2007-08: Oh, I remember this year like it was yesterday! The first game of the season tipped off and while I was watching, I started sticking crayons up my nose and the next thing I know they told me the Bobcats did well the whole season.

2008-09: Disappointment? In the Ryan Hollins era? /Scoffs

2009-10: Playoff year! Also the year I started a no-helmets-allowed full contact football team. Huh, you know, I can't really remember much about that year. Oh well!

2010-11: Nail gun accident to my noggin.

2011-12: The Lockout nixed this whole season, I was told.

There you have it. I mean the team's only eight years old, but still zero disappointing moments, from my recollection. Not bad!

By the way, does anyone know where I live? It's the darnedest thing, but I just plum forgot it. Maybe if I try to retrace my steps and think really hard-- aghhhhh I just got a really bad headache. Oh shoot, just got another one of them nosebleeds, too. Third one today.

Whoooooaaaaaaaa /faints

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