Kooky Trade Idea from a Suns fan.

I might be about six months late on this, but I am reading reports that the Bobcats are indeed still shopping Tyrus Thomas along with a lottery pick, but also Ben Gordon. As such, I pondered a way for the Phoenix Suns to acquire another high lottery pick and in the process I devised a way that would net the Suns three high lottery picks this upcoming June. I'm coming to this website to gauge whether or not my trade is reasonable from the fan's perspective.

Here Goes

Bobcats Receive: Samuel Dalambert, Michael Beasley, Wesley Johnson, Shannon Brown, Ekpe Udoh, and the Lakers 2013 unprotected first round pick (Which figures to be a lottery pick) via the Phoenix Suns

Bucks Receive: Emeka Okafor, Jermaine O'neal, and a T'wolves first round draft pick via the Suns

Suns Receive: Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, Trevor Ariza, Jan Vesely, the Wizard 2013 first round pick and the Bobcats 2013 pick

Wizards Receive: Marcin Gortat, Jared Dudley, Sebastian Telfair, and Joel Przybilla.

Obviously, the key to this trade for the Bobcats is unloading quite possibly the worst contract in the NBA relative to production in Thomas as well as a highly overplayed player in Gordon. Dalambert, Udoh, and Johnson are all on expiring contracts, but they might be able to serve a decent role on this team seeing as how the Bobcats have a pretty thin front court. Dalambert would provide some veteran leadership to the locker room, Udoh brings defense and hustle, and Johnson provides little more than a friendly smile and charming personality to the team. Brown and Beasley have partial guarantees on their contracts, and if they so choose, the Bobcats can cut them within a year or two. However, if they choose not to, Brown provides a sound scoring punch of the bench like Gordon except without costing nearly as much.

Beasley is a different matter entirely; he just doesn't seem to get it for whatever reason and that has come to a head this season as he is averaging career lows across the board. Many media outlets mention how talented Beasley is, but when you break down what he is really good at you realize that your list is very short, if there is anything positive to say at all. Maybe the Bobcats can crack the enigma Beasley is or maybe not, but on a 3 year 18 million dollar contract that is not fully guaranteed, there is not much harm in experimenting with him. That being said, the guys, the main goal of doing this trade is to cut back the salary on the cap.

The Lakers are currently out of the playoff race and their lottery pick would, as it stands, be 12th; Howard did get injured last night so it is possible that the Lakers' pick could end up being a little bit higher.

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