OK I said I would post this and here it is, just something to take a look at and point out some things. Not really taking shots at anyone just some insight on some things so please look up what im pointing out and have an open mind about this

OK this team is built to win and can win NOW not in the future, alot of the pieces here fit perfectly and then we have some square pegs we are trying to fit into round holes. How is this? Lets take a look

Everyone says we have no bigs etc etc, false assumption, go back and look at our winning streak (so to say) even in the game we lost to Dallas (#2) Mullens and Haywood were 7-18 and 7-13, 11 and 10 rebs, 1 blk. Haywood had 7 offensive rebs and Mulls had 7 defensive in that outing. This is what I was talking about when everyone keeps saying Kemba has noone to throw to, lie. All the starters that game except Hendo (which is when he got injured i think) scored double figs and KW only had 5 assists....

I looked at the games against teams we have played 2 times or more, when Haywood and Mullens play at least 25+ mins we either outrebound other teams, Haywood needs 6+ shots a game in the paint, Mullens can open the floor up for a big man to allow the lanes to be driven on.

This teams best lineup is Sessions (simply because KW needs a mentor that can teach him the PG game and sitting on the side that game could have helped him see that) Hendo, MKG, Mullens (PF) and Haywood. That lineup in we outrebound other teams with 3 people possibly getting double digit rebs. everyone wants BB to play center but this team is undersized with him playing C. Dont believe me look at the video with him standing next to Lebron when Dwade kicks sessions. around the :22 secs, he is smaller than Lebron, while he can get away with it vs some teams he cannot be a permanent C. Believe it or not but having a 7 footer in the game vs a 6`9 player can make a big difference defensively in the minds of opposing teams driving the lanes. He should stick at PF with either Haywood or Mulls at Center.

BB is still Raw talent and everyone is probably saying Haywood is crap, go look at the games when we were 7-5 look at his stats, reb and points, him and mulls controlled the paint when he plays at least 25 mins and gets at least 6 shots in.

Everyone else fits their role, now would I pull off a trade for Cousins, definately but I would not spend too much to get him. Then the thing also becomes whose team will it be at that time, KW, MKG or Cousins because he wants to be the star of a team, I have no problem working an offense through him as he has shown as a big he can dribble, use his size, and has good vision for assists which leads us to the next problem

ASSISTS.. We are near last as a team in assists and this is silly, we have a team that can score but when you have alot of people playing 1 on 1 you get the Lakers.... which is why they are arguing and not playing well, they should not be playing and losing like they are but because they have no team concept they are. This team can play with anyone out there if we pick and choose where and how we play teams. This is not a strong 3point shooting team so playing this small ball needs to stop. We are playing to match other teams instead of playing to make people match us, slow the game down, pass the ball to a big, cut to the hole, let the SG set a pick for KW to cut to the hole, move BG around to get him and open 3 off an inside out game, a few lobs to hendo slashing (dunk on Howard anyone) or Taylor or MKG. Get the bigs some touches, slash and dish for inside high percentage shots not outside jump shots.. Play to this teams strengths not weaknesses...

There are other things I can point out but I think for the most part you can see what i am showing. This team is capable of winnig, no excuses, its up to the coaches to put it together, go back and look at the ATL, Milw, Dallas, Washington and a few other games that we have played more that 2 times and see the difference in 3 point shots going up and big man play...

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