Trade With Wolves (With Poll)

Hello Rufus On Fire! I am VoodooMagic and I am a Wolves fan and regular Canis Hoopus poster. I have kind of a bit over there for proposing a bunch of trade ideas the Wolves should look into and often the response is "why would team x do this?"

So I am running a little experiment to see what the opposing team's fans think about a deal involving the Wolves! This is not meant to be disrespectful to any Cats player or this isn't me thinking Cats management or fans are idiots (let's be real, David Kahn is my GM....I can't make fun of anyone for having questionable management)

I am going to attach a poll. Even if you think the trade is so stupid you can't believe it, I would certainly appreciate some statistics to use.

So I will propose a trade. Would the Cats do this? Would you as a fan do this? I'm going to give you a reason why I think the Cats would benefit from this, tell me if I am wrong!

Scenario: 2013 Draft. Cats have a pick that could get Ben McLemore, Wolves have a mid-lotto pick like 6-9 which is where it seems like we are going

Wolves: Tyrus Thomas and pick 2 let's say

Cats: Derrick Williams, pick 7 we'll say+either our other pick in this draft or a future pick

How I would argue on Canis why you would do this: get actual production at the 4 and out of a young player like Williams who both shows promising signs and admittedly frustrating signs as well. Personally I think he's going to be a steal for whoever we trade him too, I kinda can't wait to get him out of Minnesota just so he can get in an environment more conducive for his game. At pick 7 you'd have a chance at a Marcus Smart, Isaiah Austin, Alex Len, Shabazz Muhammed. Or with the extra pick we are throwing in there and I believe you have the rights to another pick in this draft, you'd have an opportunity to move up again if there were a guy you liked that was going 4/5/6. Plus you get out of Ty Thomas' contract as a bonus

Why I'm guessing you don't do this deal: You probably like Ben McLemore as much as I do for your team. I think he'd be a pretty good fit on the Cats as well as the Wolves. I would think if you could turn McLemore into Williams/Shabazz or Williams/Zeller or Len it could be a pretty decent deal though (even though admittedly I would say we got the best player in the deal)

So what say you? Is this a fleecing on my part? Are you interested maybe?

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