Charlotte Bobcats thrashed by Cleveland Cavaliers 122-95

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

I was not supposed to write tonight's recap originally. So if this ends up sucking then direct all complaints to BrandonBecker's twitter page!

Brandon Becker may be an evil wizard robot sent from the future in an effort to torture the fellow writers of Rufus on Fire. This is a warning and I don't have much time. When this posts Becker will know I am aware of his secret and may hunt me down. I do not know my fate. He may destroy me, he may torture me, but I am willing to put myself at risk so nobody will fall for his cruel traps ever again.

It was a cold 67 degree Florida night and Chris was minding his own business. Chris decided he would see if his favorite basketball team, the Orlando Magic, could end their 10 game losing streak against the injured Clippers (Spoiler Alert: 11 GAMES AND COUNTING BABY!). Then suddenly an email arrived in Chris's Gmail inbox. The email was from fellow Rufus on Fire writer Brandon Becker saying "Emergency!". Wondering what the emergency was he opened the email and found out that Brandon "forgot" about his recap duties and needed someone else to cover for him. Being a nice guy, Chris emailed back saying he would take the shift for the night ... But oh how Chris would regret that decision. How he would regret it indeed...

Becker has the power to see into the future of Bobcats games and he knew the thrashing that took place tonight would occur. BECKER KNEW AND HE DIDN'T WANT TO WATCH IT OR WRITE ABOUT IT SO HE FOOLED AN INNOCENT WRITER INTO BELIEVING HE WAS AT SCHOOL! OH HOW I WAS MADE A FOOL! IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN! Becker knew the Bobcats would shoot below 50% from the field. He knew Reggie Williams would play 18 minutes while young Jeff Adrien would only play 8 measly minutes. That evil man knew that Mike Dunlap would sit aside and watch as the Bobcats lost any sense of composure they had and not use a timeout as the Cavaliers score continued to grow larger and larger in the 2nd quarter.

Evil Count Becker had to have known that Tristan Thompson was going to destroy the Bobcats front line shooting 7-for-8 from the field and taking every shot as close to the rim as he could possibly get. He had to have known that Kyrie Irving was going to easily score 22 points and then sit during the 4th quarter and joke around with teammates and look as if he could go run 2 miles. Super ultra bad wizard Becker probably even knew that Dion Waiters was going to have a mighty efficient game going 9 for 14 despite being a player known for being inefficient. Becker's worst crime of all, though, was that he knew the Cavaliers would play one of their best offensive games of the year against a struggling Bobcats team missing one of its key players in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. This crime is so egregious because he then happily let his fellow Bobcats blogger watch this game who for some reason thought the Bobcats had a chance to win.

It was ugly.

It was just one of those nights.

Let's just move past it.

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