Bobcats, Nets rumored to be in trade talks for Gordon-Humphries swap

Aw, just look how happy he is when he plays! - Alan Maglaque-US PRESSWIRE

ESPN report says the two teams are discussing a trade that could give Charlotte a rebounding force.

Chris Broussard of ESPN is reporting that the Bobcats and Nets have been having discussions in which the two teams would swap Ben Gordon and Kris Humphries. "Nothing imminent, but ongoing," Broussard tweeted.

Howard Beck of the New York Times confirmed the rumors, adding that the Bobcats were the ones who proposed the deal, indicating the decision is up to the Nets.

My initial reaction: Huh, OK?

The two players essentially have the same remaining salaries. Humphries has another year with $12 million and Gordon has a player option for $13.2 million.

To lend credence to these rumors, the Bobcats did go after Humphries in the offseason before the Nets game him that 2 year, $24 million deal in the summer.

Essentially this would shift the Bobcats into a more even-handed team as opposed to being so loaded in the backcourt. The Bobcats could certainly use Humphries' help, as he's a very talented rebounder. His season has been rather underwhelming compared to last year's, but contract years are famous for these kinds of dropoffs.

Humphries has gone underutilized in Brooklyn, his minutes slashed to less than half of what they were the previous year. With a healthy Brook Lopez rebounding better, Andray Blatche being effective and Reggie Evans being a better rebounder, the Nets just don't have the time for Humphries. He can rebound very well, which is all you really need to know about him. His shooting percentages have taken a big hit this year, but I wonder if they would just improve if he was used better.

Gordon is having a, well, really Ben Gordon season. Very hot and cold shooting games averaging out for a solid field goal percentage, a really talented shooter off screens and who needs no notice to launch long jumpers. He's not a great ballhandler, but the Bobcats have had him try anyway at times. His defense is also rather dreadful.

The deal doesn't really hurt the Bobcats, so I'd be in favor. I don't think it really hurts Brooklyn that much either, to be honest. In fact, this could be one of those trades where there isn't a "winner" or "loser" and both teams help each other. The Bobcats need someone who can rebound and score in the paint like I need more hours in the day (which is to say very badly) and the Nets don't really need Humphries, but could possibly make use of Gordon as a spark off the bench.

Sure, why not.

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