Celtics Fan In Bobcats Den: OWWWWWWWW!!!!!

The first time I went to see my beloved Carolina Panthers (Week 5 against the New Orleans Saints), and they would end up losing.

The first time I went to see my beloved Boston Celtics (Game 63 for the C's, Game 64 for the Cats), and they would end up losing.

At least the Panthers had a chance (40 seconds worth of chance) to win the game. The Celtics... it was like watching a gigantic turd that JUST WOULD NOT FLUSH.

We all know what happened in the game, I will be very minimal regarding comments of the game. I want to share my experience otherwise, which I think was wonderful. Completely worth the money. Let's get started!!


I didn't think that the Celtics would get hot, like so many have thought. They just do not get up for games like this (losses to the Hornets, Pistons, many west coast teams). I thought it'd be exactly what it was for the beginning 25 to 30 minutes: trading runs, trading baskets. I did not foresee the terrible offense, though it was what ruined us against the Thunder on Sunday. The Bobcats were just flat out cutting and passing beautifully, there was very little isolated play. The Celtics live by the jump-shot, but they die by pressure. Just a beautiful job by the Bobcats of pressuring, a truly great performance (yes, I said that).

Henderson went off, who the tuck would fhink that? NOT ME. GOD DAMN IT, NOT ME.

I understand that people are hesitant about letting Kemba control, but I hope he can one day get it together. He isn't a weapon, he's the trigger.

Arm yourselves with some big men and the Bobcats will be competitive, and with the competitive spirit will come eventual victory. The Pelicans (right?) and the Pistons have Unibrow and Drummond, they are on the right path. I can't say you guys do or don't have the right man, but of the ten to fifteen games I've seen, there isn't great potential there.

More than I wanted to write, sorry. Let's get to my personal comments.


From best to worst:

1. Shaking Doc Rivers' hand, being able to talk to him for a full minute. I was so in awe that I didn't think to get a picture or signature. He was coming down the stairs from the CVS / Starbacks / that four-story beauty, and he saw how stunned and in love I was. Yeah, in love. I truly stopped walking and just opened my mouth into the biggest and goofiest awe-face. I don't think he'd have stopped otherwise, he stopped only because it was like Tim Tebow meeting Jesus Christ. We shook hands, I asked him about Paul Pierce (I knew he wasn't playing), and I said a bunch of other trivial things. It was a great moment. I also was like 3 feet away from Kevin Garnett (got pictures that time), but he didn't stop or anything when leaving the hotel.

2. IKEA in Charlotte

3. Bought a Bobcats basketball, the one with blue / orange / white stripes. Such a good looking piece of equipment, I'll put it to great use.

4. Small arena, which is NICE. Hardly anyone in the upper rows, but we were in 102 DD. It was a great experience, and I was pointing out every player (by their #) before the announcer could.

5. There's some bad stuff, but this is all I care to say: what obnoxious Celtics fans. I don't know if they think they're entitled to talk trash, but what a bunch of goons. This one guy was just screaming at Celtics players (SOOOO far away from the court, no one heard him or gave a shit about him). He was fat, drinking too much beer, and then when people would ask him to calm down, he would say, "Don't get in my face. See you in the play-offs, bitch." What a moron. We lose to the worst team in the NBA and even 30 seconds left in the game, he's still just spouting out such stupid junk. We were sitting next to Bobcat fans, and having a wonderful time conversing and complimenting each others' players. Other Celtic fans were just rallying with each other and dreaming. There is no dreaming in defeat: you take the punch with the players, you suffer like they are, and you pray to God that they clean up their act in time for the next game.

If any of you Bobcat fans sit next to Celtic fans (or any fans), don't be grateful for people like me. Don't stand up for yourself. You go to the usher and you tell him that the trouble-maker is cursing and threatening. Fabricate it, whatever. But don't allow you and your family to go through such mental pain. This guy was inflicting a lot of suffering to these poor fans who were just trying to enjoy their team's victory. I started going off on him at the end, and being smarter than him, I was able to get him to shut up when walking out. He wanted to act tough, but he was a stud only in the eyes of his drunk girlfriend. I made the mistake of going at him instead of going to the usher, and I'm lucky he wasn't more drunk.

So, that's that. I enjoyed the experience so much, and the option of moving to Charlotte in August is a lot more enticing. I hope the Bobcats win more so that others can enjoy downtown and the arena like I did.

Good luck with the remaining 18 games. Your team and all of you fans deserve more considering what you put up with (the losses and the opposing fans). I drove 5 hours to get there, and I have no regrets.

Thanks for the hospitality, Charlotte!!! :)

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