With the 4th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, the Charlotte Bobcats select...



Every day I check this site to see the latest rumors and updates, what’s said or unsaid, and to get a good feel for whom the Charlotte fan base is starting to favor with the 2013 NBA looming over the horizon. What's so amazing to me… is every time I venture to read one of these post depicting who the Bobcats should select with the #4 overall pick, I hear people lobbying for which prospect they would like to see wearing one of our uniforms this upcoming season. Many fans like myself watch the draft boards daily to see who's moving up or down, but in the NBA players don't get better daily they are who they are. Players can be hyped to the point where the status is ascend the heavens, or pelted with rumor after rumor till there stock completely plummet. Here’s a secret that I will let you all in on. The best player right now in this draft is Kansas’ Ben Mclemore, there I’ve said it. Well you may say that this site over here list Len, and that site list Noel, and this site list Porter as #1. Websites are listing players respectfully as to where a prospect will be drafted based on (1) how good the player grades out overall, and (2) team needs / team movement. Fact is all general managers know that the #1 player remains the same, and is listed in the top 1-3 players on everyone’s Big Board.

I have heard many of the suggestions posted and researched all of the top 10 players in an effort to determine who the Bobcats should draft, but I will only go through my top 4. (Disclaimer: there are going to be some who disagree with the findings) The prospects below are listed with my take on why / why we shouldn't select said player.

1. Ben Mclemore - Best overall player in the draft. Don't let bogus news feeds, reports, and rumors sway you. Every team in the league would add him first if their roster was complete, but that’s precisely the problem. Every team has holes… some at the 2 guard position. Cleveland should draft Mclemore #1 overall and will most likely do so. Deon Waiters played respectfully off the bench when he played for Syracuse, and it's not always about your starting 5, depth is also instrumental to making a playoff run. Manu Ginobili does it effortlessly coming off the bench in San Antonio, and talent like McLemore don’t come around every blue moon.

2. Nerlens Noel - Hopefully he won't be an option for Charlotte with Cleveland at 1, and Orlando sitting there holding the #2 selection. Cleveland is looking for a low post scorer which Noel isn't at the moment. The bad part is you can't even begin training Noel to be a more effective scorer because he's coming off an ACL injury. Orlando should draft him at #2, and bring him along slowly. Drafting Noel #2 overall would leave the Magic in prime position for a lottery pick in the 2014 draft, which the Magic could land the star to pair with Noel. Only question is do they want to wait that long.

3. Otto Porter - 6' 8" frame, decent jumper and plays the 3 and 4 position effortlessly. Need to add some weight to his frame; solid on the defense side of the ball... basically a jack of all trades is the way that Porter translates to the NBA. The ultimate glue guy needed for each successful NBA team. Great 3rd option for any team, which is the reason that just about everyone, has him pegged to go 3rd overall to the Washington Wizards. With a slashing point guard like John Wall and smooth shooting touch of shooting guard Bradley Beal, translate well for Porter to step in and be that 3rd/4th option on a very athletic team.

And with the 4th pick of the 2013 NBA draft, the Charlotte Bobcats select…



4. Anthony Bennett - Has been highly recognized as the player with the highest ceiling to be an All Star, but with that also becomes the biggest bust potential. Bennett already has the NBA frame at 240+ pounds, the height 6'7-6'8, the speed at his position, the ball handling skills to put up points in bunches playing at the next level. He can create his own shot off the dribble and if you leave him open he'll make you pay. For a team like Charlotte who is devoid of scoring from their front court this is the talent you draft #4 overall. Many would argue Len or Zeller, but neither prospect are high volume scorers like Bennett which the Bobcats/Hornets need.

The roster would look like this:

Kemba Walker - (Teams leading scorer) 35 mpg - 17.7 Points, 5.7 Assists, 2.0 Steals

Gerald Henderson - (after new contract) 31 mpg - 15.5 Points, 2.7 Rebounds, 2.6 Assists

Michael Kidd-Glichrist - (Glue guy) 26 mpg - 9.0 Points, 5.8 Rebounds, 1.2 Blocks

Anthony Bennett - (Rookie #4 Draft pick) 27 mpg - 16.1 Points, 8.1 Rebounds, 1.2 Blocks

Bizmack Biyombo - (Defensive Specialist) 27 mpg - 4.8 Points, 7.3 Rebounds, 1.8 Blocks

This is the young nucleus that Charlotte should go forward with unless they can make a splash in free agency by aquiring either Dwight Howard, Al Jefferson, Demarcus Cousins (We've heard this before), Marreese Speights, or any other good options that become available.

Our real draft order should look like this, if we stay at #4:

1. Mclemore 2. Porter 3.Bennett 3. Len 4. Oladipo

Unfortunately the draft is the key and all teams will hold their collective cards until then. As each prospect is selected the greater the propensity for trade. More rumors will fly between now and then... but don't get carried away by each one.



Of course trades could change the entire scope of the draft, but for right now... this should be our pick.

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