How much cap space will we have this summer?

There has been a lot of discussion about how much cap space the Bobcats will have going into this summer. The short answer at the beginning is $0. I have come up with the following breakdown and believe it to be accurate given my research from hoopshype, sham sports, and Larry Coon’s CBA FAQ. Anyway, I think it’s very interesting and provides some input on our options and the decisions we will need to make quickly in July.

Current Salary Cap Situation:
Ben Gordon -> $16.4 million cap hold
Gana Diop -> $11 million cap hold
Tyrus Thomas -> $8.7 million salary
Gerald Henderson -> $7.7 million cap hold
Byron Mullens -> $5.6 million cap hold
Ramon Sessions -> $5 million salary
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist -> $4.8 million salary
Josh McRoberts -> 4.1 million cap hold
Reggie Williams -> $3.4 million cap hold
Bismack Biyombo -> $3 million salary
#4 Pick -> $3.2 million cap hold
Kemba Walker -> $2.6 million salary
Brendan Haywood -> $2 million salary
Jeff Adrien -> $916K salary (unguaranteed)
Jeff Taylor -> $788K salary
Total -> $79.4 million

As you can see, we are miles over the $58.5 million cap initially. The good news is that we can get under the cap rather quickly. I’ve listed the complete set of moves we can make to free up the most possible salary cap space. Note that we obviously won’t do all of these moves but it allows us to play with the numbers and pick and choose which moves make the most sense. Here we go:

Move #1: Ben Gordon accepts his player option, reducing his cap hold (Total: $76.2 million)
Move #2: Renounce Diop and Williams (Total: $61.7 million)
Move #3: Amnesty Tyrus Thomas (Total: $53 million) – Now we’re under the cap!
Move #4: Renounce McRoberts (Total: $49 million) – Can still re-sign him, just can’t use any of the Bird Rights to do so
Move #5: Don’t extend QO to Mullens (Total: $43.3 million)
Move #6: Don’t extend QO to Henderson (Total: $35.6 million) – This is getting to the extreme part of the equation
Move #7: Waive Adrien (Total: $34.7 million)

So if we get really extreme, we could be $23.8 million under the cap. Obviously, not all of these things are going to happen. Hypothetically, let’s say we do everything except moves 4 and 6. If we sign McBob for $4 million and Henderson for $7 million, that would put us at $45.7 million with 10 players. That would give us $12.8 million to sign somewhere between 3-5 players to round out the roster before hitting the cap and leave you with the following roster.

PG: Kemba/Sessions
SG: Henderson/Gordon
SF: MKG/Taylor
PF: Bennett (draft guess)/McRoberts
C: Biz/Haywood

Given this information, what would you guys do?
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