Lottery Mock Draft

Cleveland - Alex Len

Owner Dan Gilbert said it's "likely" they draft Len 1st overall

Orlando - Victor Oladipo

They need a point guard but don't think Burke is worthy of a number one pick. Oladipo better than McLemore

Washington - Otto Porter

Solid and established player who fits the team need of a small forward

Charlotte - Nerlens Noel

Who would have thought the day after the lottery that we had the slimmest chance at Noel at 4? We just have to. Yeah there's the risk, but he's pretty damn athletic.

Phoenix - Ben McLemore

He simply falls to them. Too much of a talent to pass up.

New Orleans - Trey Burke

They need a scorer. Bennett could go here but they need point guard more than a stretch 3 because Greveis Vazquez is clearly not a point guard that can run a playoff team.

Sacramento - Michael Carter-Williams

They need a floor general. His height helps him with that.

Detroit - CJ McCollum

Their probably going to abandon the Brandon Knight Project and let CJ start by the middle of the year.

Minnesota - Shabazz Muhammed

I don't know about you, but I'd take a lineup of Ricky Rubio, Shabazz Muhammed, Andrei Kirilenko, Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic. Healthy, this team is the 5 seed in the west, maybe higher considering chris paul might leave. Shabazz would add a scoring option from the two they haven't seen in a while and he has size.

Portland - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

They need a center so they might go Steven Adams or Cody Zeller with this pick, but once again I think the talent is two good to pass up. Kentavious worked out well with several teams including Portland.

Philadelphia - Cody Zeller

He's a good fit. They need a big. He runs the floor and has an offensive game.

Oklahoma CIty - Lucas Nogueira

He's a really athletic center who can protect and finish at the rim. He's kind of like a more skilled and lets hope smarter version of Javale McGee. A full upgrade from Kendrick Perkins.

Dallas - Dennis Schroeder

He can score efficiently and distribute. They need a point guard because Darren Collison didn't exactly live up to the expectations of him.

Utah - Shane Larkin

They are in desperate need of a point guard. With Schroeder, McCollum, Carter-Williams, and Burke of the board, Larkin is the point available till the late 1st.

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