What say you basketball gods?! A new Center?

So as I lay sleeping last night, a basketball angel came to me and said, "Nay! Lo unto you I bring a franchise Center!"

I said, "Word?!"

That angel said, "You have gathered the prophets and apostles (Mark Price, Patrick Ewing, Clifford) and now you are ready for what I have had ready for you."

I said, "We are getting the #1 pick...finally?!?!"

"Nay. You are trading your pick. The Sacramento Kings have your key. The gods have assured me that either Nerlens Noel or Alex Len will be available at #4. You will call the Kings."

To the angel, "The Kings? You think they still want to deal with us...after the whole grab Biyombo and Kemba...stick them with Jimmer trick?"

"Yes my hoops son. We gave them Mike Malone, new direction, and new life. The idea of having picks #4 and #7...along with not having to pay or deal with DeMarcus Cousins anymore is too great."

I thought about it...then said to that angel, "So the Kings have a chance to add a Center for the future in Len or Noel...and a PG like Burke or MCW....or maybe a guy like Bennett to put at PF? And we save them money in the long run? So we help the Kings?"

"Yes. Yes. You do. But you also help the Bobcats. You get a real franchise big man. You have the staff in place to make him great. With Kemba, MKG and DMC...the wheels to the Maserati are in place, just gotta drive that thing like a mutha!"

Then it was gone. I was left thinking. I can see this happening! The word around Sac-town is that management would like to keep DMC in place....yet they also seem to not be interested in giving him the $$$ he wants and the FO has ALSO said to expect big changes and a culture shift in the organization. The Bobcats have been one of the teams consistently interested in DMC over the last few years. I believe that if either Len or Noel are there...they are interested in making a move for the future. Offering the #4 pick (Len, Noel), letting them keep the #7 pick, and offering future 1st (Portland) or taking on some bad $$$ (Salmons, Hayes, Outlaw) should make them listen.

Kings: Burke/Thornton/Evans/Patterson/Len with Thompson/Thomas/Jimmer/Douglas bench ($$ to add FAs)

Bobcats: Kemba/Hendo/MKG/McBob/DMC with Sessions/Gordon/Taylor/Mully/Biz bench

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