One Final FTW Lottery Mock Draft

In the waning hours before the draft, I thought it'd be somewhat interesting to go back to my May 22nd post and see how much things have changed both in the draft process and in my own opinions. I created my own tiers as well, like Chad Ford's annual polling of scouts and GMs just much less objective, and see how those have changed as well.

Ford's polling was interesting to note that no prospect landed in the first OR second tiers. In my initial tier, I hesitantly placed Noel in the first tier, but now that the consensus seems firmly against that, it seems my reservations were understandable. Anyway, starting from the 2nd tier and going through the 4th, lets see how much things have changed.

Second Tier: Nerlens Noel. I'm still convinced he's the best prospect in the draft, and feel it wouldn't be fair to lump him in the same group as the other prospects.

Third Tier: Anthony Bennett (down from 2), Ben McLemore (down from 2), Victor Oladipo (down from 2), Alex Len (same), Otto Porter (same).

Fourth Tier: Cody Zeller (down from 2), Trey Burke (down from 3), CJ McCollum (down from 3), Trey Burke (down from 3), Micheal Carter Williams (down from 3), Steven Adams (down from 3), Dennis Schroder (down from 3), Shabazz Muhammad (down from 3), Rudy Gobert (down from 3), Kentavius Caldwell Pope (up from unranked).

Now that I've revised those rankings, lets look at how much the lottery has changed, in my mind, since that first post in May (parentheses indicate placement in initial mock).

1. Cleveland - Nerlens Noel (1)

2. Orlando - Ben McLemore (2)

3. Washington - Otto Porter (5)

4. Charlotte - Anthony Bennett (3)

5. Phoenix Suns - Victor Oladipo (4)

6. New Orleans Pelicans - Alex Len (9)

7. Sacramento Kings - Trey Burke (6)

8. Detroit Pistons - CJ McCollum (10)

9. Minnesota Timberwolves - Kentavius Caldwell Pope (-)

10. Portland Trailblazers - Cody Zeller (7)

11. Philadelphia 76ers - Shabazz Muhammad (8)

12. Oklahoma City Thunder - Steven Adams (13)

13. Dallas Mavericks - Micheal Carter Williams (12)

14. Utah Jazz - Dennis Schroder (-)

(Please note I'm just assuming that there will be no trades made.)

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