Assessing Likelihood of Non-Roster Players Becoming Bobcats

With the end of the Bobcats summer league coming to an almost unwatchable end in the semi-final against the Warriors. As was the case against the D-League Select team, none of the starters played and we were given a smorgasbord of players with limited skillsets being forced to do things none of them should ever be asked to do. It worked against similarly limited players in the DLS, but with scorers like Kent Bazemore and Draymond Green on the floor, the Bobcats never really had much of chance against the Warriors. While those games were painful to watch, they did give these non-roster players the minutes they needed to give Steve Clifford and the rest of the Bobcats personnel to watch these players in actual competition. However, Clifford has himself said that the practices, more than the games themselves, are the most important function for the Bobcats this SL. So while stats are useful in many places, they aren't for the purposes of this exercise. So, with that being said, I won't be looking at the stats (or even posting them) when judging these players, but merely commenting on what I've seen and how they might actually fit the Bobcats roster.

We'll go position by position and give each player one of following three choices: Possible, Unlikely, Not A Chance

Point Guards

Jerome Dyson: Even when he was costing the Bobcats a game by jumping haphazardly at pump fakes, he still continued to show off his only significant asset: drives to the hoop. Dyson consistently showed the ability to penetrate the defense and finish at the rim, either through contact or with a solid floater. His ability to do that made defense respect him, which allowed him to be successful at kicking the ball out for an assist. Everywhere else though? Below average defense, his handles are nothing special, and he never flashed much of a jump shot. However, he is a PG, and his lone skill would fit in the Bobcats, and could potentially do some of the things Ramon Sessions does if the Bobcats choose to deal him. All in all, I'd wager that it is Possible that he dons a Bobcats uniform next season.

Brandon Triche: Incidentally, Triche contains the same primary skill as Dyson. The way he does so, however, is less of the explosive finishing touch Dyson shows but instead a more methodical, nuanced dissection of the defense. He's a crafty player inside, keeping help defense off balance, and allows him to finish around the hoop effectively. He's flashed a better shot than Dyson, but has been woefully underwhelming as a passer, seemingly getting tunnel-vision on many drives to the rim. Once again though, he's a third PG and it'd be wrong to just dismiss him, even if I feel he was outplayed by Jerome. In the end, I'd say it is Possible he becomes a Bobcat.

Abdul Gaddy: By far my least Summer League player. He just flat out sucks. He can occasionally show off some flashy dribble moves out in isolation, but outside of that, he possesses absolutely zero skills. In fact, when trying to bring the ball up the court, teams press him because they know how bad of a ball handler outside of drives to the rim are. All flash, no substance is how I'd sum up his game. Looks nice on the highlight reel, hurts to actually look at. He has No Chance at becoming a Bobcat.

Shooting Guard

Troy Daniels: Despite Bobcats SG Gerald Henderson being a RFA, the team only brought one true SG to the Summer League in Daniels. What does that mean? Not necessarily a lot, but seems to be a sign that the FO values him a little more than your average SL player. Whether he makes the actual roster remains unclear, but he showed off a couple skills that make you think this undrafted rookie can contribute. His spot up shooting is very, very good; when standing still it seems like he almost can't miss. When he's trying to shoot off the dribble? Well, I saw him try plenty of times, but can't recall him ever actually making a jumper. That doesn't mean he can't handle the ball though, in fact, I'd argue he possesses the best handles out of any of the non-roster players. He knows how to keep the ball safe, and even showed off a nice runner on a couple of occasions. His defense wasn't anything to take notice of, but I'd say that he is the most Possible guy to be given a roster spot.

Small Forward

Deron Washington: So shouldn't the same logic apply to this rag a muffin? Well, with having MKG and Taylor on the roster, his and Daniels situation couldn't be more different. Washington showed off a terrific motor and ability in transition, either drawing fouls or finishing around the hoop. In the half court, however, he was more or less a total non factor, although he did occasionally show off a nice cross-over that got defenders off balance. His defense on Bazemore was very good, showing some nice ability as a wing defender. In the end though, it seems like he has No Chance at making the Bobcats.

Power Forward

Patrick Ewing Jr.: Our Associate Head Coaches son, he showed a couple of skills. He had decent handles for a big man, a nice touch on his outside shot, and some acceptable basketball IQ. He wasn't on the minus at the defensive end, and would appear to have the ability to guards some wings and bigs alike. At his age though, he honestly doesn't show much of anything that makes you at all excited. However, considering his overall versatility and who his father is, it seems it still remains a very real Possible inclusion to the roster.

Keith Benson: Probably my favorite player on the SL roster, he arguably played the best and showed the most out of any of the non-roster big man. Displaying a good mid-range jumper, ability to play in the post, and some craftiness in his drives, he has almost everything you want from an offensive big man. He's even a good rebounder to boot, posting the best rebounding numbers of anyone not named Zeller or Biyombo. His defense isn't anywhere near where you want it, but he probably deserves the roster spot a hell of a lot more than Ewing Jr., but life is unfair. If I had to be honest about his prospects, I'd say he's Unlikely at wearing a Bobcats uniform next season.


Henry Sims: Lets face it, I'm tired of writing about these players. Sims is a mostly terrible basketball player. Let's just cut this short and say he has No Chance at sniffing a roster spot anywhere in the NBA, ever.

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