Name The Required Draft Pick Compensation: Eastern Conference

I am going to throw out some hypothetical trades that I believe could be realistic. However, the hardest part of any rosterbation is in the attempt to figure out what kind of draft compensation would be needed allow the trade to come to fruition. Especially when you consider increasing complex nature of team's trading their own draft picks via protections and swaps, getting a gauge on what kind of picks would be needed is usually the main reason most rosterbation is largely useless. You can gauge some teams philosophy with their picks are with some accuracy, like the predictability that the Wizards and Cavs would be trading a future first for players or the unlikelihood of Houston or Atlanta trading a first, but for many front offices it can be very difficult to know. With that being said, as Bobcat fans, we all have our views on how the Bobcats should approach this season's trade deadline. As such, I will break these trades up into the two directions in which this trade will unfold: up or down. This can give you the opportunity to consider the sides from both perspectives: how much would I be willing/have to give up if we went this direction? how many assets would another team have to give me if I were to make this move? This post will focus solely on the Eastern Conference, but if you guys enjoy this, I'll make a followup post on the Western Conference. So, without further ado, here are the trades:

Trending Up

Detroit Receives: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Ben Gordon

Charlotte Receives: Josh Smith, Kyle Singler

This would be a tough one to swallow, but I don't see how we'd be able to get Josh Smith for anything less than MKG. Thankfully, it honestly feels unlikely for this very reason. Joe Dumars seems like a proud guy, so the prospect of taking back the guy he gave a team a pick to get rid of while trading away the whole reason he made that trade in that first place seems unlikely. If he's able to swallow his pride, however, he'd probably only do it for the Bobcat's prized jewel. Kyle Singler is little more than a throw in, but at least he fits our roster.

Boston Receives: Bismack Biyombo, Ben Gordon

Charlotte Receives: Jeff Green, Kris Humphries

Rajon Rondo may be back at some point in the near future, but even so, I wouldn't be surprised if Boston moved him for the right package. Looking over their roster, it's easy to see they'd only have interest in two players: MKG and Biyombo. They lack a physical presence inside that would serve as a rim protector (that Fab Melo pick didn't really work out), so inevitably I believe that would be the player they insist upon. Here is the MKG version, if you disagree with my logic, but feel free to speculate about potential draft pick compensation in either version.

Chicago Receives: Ben Gordon

Charlotte Receives: Carlos Boozer

This one is pretty simple. He seems like a likely amnesty candidate for the Bulls, but you can never underestimate Jerry Reinsdorf's ability to be cheap. With that being said, he's still a useful player on offense despite being a pretty terrible defender. Tom Thibodeau's defensive scheme is able to hide how bad a defender Boozer can be, but when you look at what Steve Clifford can do for Al Jefferson, then we are also capable of getting value out of him. It's almost certain we'd have to give them something though. Here a couple slight alternates that might require giving up less assets: ( A ) ( B )

Chicago Receives: Ramon Sessions

Charlotte Receives: Mike Dunleavy, Nazr Mohammed

They see MDJ as an expendable piece and might be willing to send him to us just so they can have an actual PG on the roster. They'd probably want some additional assets however, unless the trade looks more like this.

Philadelphia Receives: Cody Zeller, Ben Gordon

Charlotte Receives: Thaddeus Young

Thad Young's 3 year contract is a tad expensive, but he's a good player having a great year and could be gotten for the right price. Cody Zeller is probably the best starting point for negotiations if we were going to look to deal for Young.

Orlando Receives: Bismack Biyombo, Ben Gordon

Charlotte Receives: Arron Afflalo, Glen Davis

You've seen this elsewhere and it's really the only trade that would actually be able to entice both teams.

Milwaukee Receives: Ben Gordon

Charlotte Receives: Gary Neal, Caron Butler

The Bucks are a hard team to know what to do with, so I'm just going to go with the only rumor I've heard relating to them: Gary Neal. He's apparently being shopped, and as an gunner with range he'd probably fit in Charlotte where shooters would be needed to compete. Caron Butler would work as a way to shore up our SF depth, as an MKG-CDR rotation probably wouldn't be ideal.

Toronto Raptors Division:

They are flush full of possibilities and Masai Ujiri is highly unpredictable. Let's do these quick hitter style:

Toronto Receives: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Ben Gordon, Brendan Haywood

Charlotte Receives: DeMar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry, Landry Fields

We get two of their biggest chips and get rid of Haywood's remaining three years. In order to entice Toronto, we take on Field's remaining 2 years.

Toronto Receives: Ramon Sessions, Brendan Haywood

Charlotte Receives: Kyle Lowry, Steve Novak

They take a slight downgrade at PG to gain some assets. We trade Haywood's cheaper 3 year contract for Novak's more expensive 3 year contract.


Toronto Receives: Gerald Henderson, Ben Gordon

Charlotte Receives: DeMar DeRozan, Chuck Hayes, Steve Novak

Cannot be completed until February 10 due to Chuck Haye's earlier trade from the Kings. They get huge cap savings in this deal with Henderson being a serviceable SG on a team friendly deal, while we absorb the last 4 years of DeRozan, 3 years of Novak, and 2 years of Hayes.

Trending Down:

Detroit Receives: Ramon Sessions, Anthony Tolliver

Charlotte Receives: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Will Bynum

The Pistons are floundering and Dumar's moves suggested he is fairly desperate to make the playoffs. Could be get the young sweet shooting prospect if we give them Sessions? The Pistons are desperately in need of a PG to backup Brandon Knight and Will Bynum certainly doesn't look to be that guy. To make matters worse for them, Bynum is on a 2 year deal. My original trade idea didn't include Tolliver, but perhaps selling them on his three point shooting and ability to play SF (lol) would work as the appropriate sweetener.

Washington Receives: Ramon Sessions

Charlotte Receives: Jan Vesely, Eric Maynor

Washington needs a backup PG, as Eric Maynor and Garrett Temple have made it apparent an upgrade at the position is needed. Maynor has a player option he'd be likely to pick up, so we'd be doing them that added favor. Jan Vesley's NBA career appears to be nearing an end and looks like he'll be out of Washington at the very least. He's merely a throw in to make the money work at this point.

Indiana Receives: Jeff Adrien, Josh McRoberts

Charlotte Receives: Ian Mahinmi

Mahimi is on the books for a 3 year contract at $4 million a year. With Lance Stephenson's UFA looming, it certainly seems like offering to take his salary on would be a good way to get some sort of compensation from the Pacers. Jeff Adrien may give up some size as the backup C, but he would likely be capable of replicating much of what Mahimi was able to do as a rebounder and defender. McBob is included in order to make salaries work, but him having a player option complicates matters. If there was some way for them to get a guarantee he'd be gone by the end of the season, this trade would probably work better.

Cleveland Receives: Gerald Henderson

Charlotte Receives: C.J. Miles, Earl Clark

Cavaliers free themselves of their commitment to Earl Clark and upgrades their SG position while only losing 1.75K in cap space, which wouldn't impede them from signing Luol Deng. With Henderson on board, they would presumably increase their odds of making the postseason, but the question should be raised on how much they value Mile's ability to shoot from three. Would we be able to get the assets necessary to make it worth giving up our SG?

Brooklyn Receives: Ramon Sessions, Jeff Adrien

Charlotte Receives: Jason Terry, Reggie Evans

Good luck finding the assets to make this trade worth the Bobcat's while. Nets shed the extra year in salary in Terry and Evan's deals, while getting someone who does everything Reggie does in Jeff along with some added PG depth to ease the strain on Deron Williams. That's a lot of cap space that Bobcats have to eat though, so the Nets would have to work hard to make it worth their while.

So, that's it. These are the only realistic trades I can see involving only 2 teams and in the Eastern Conference. Find a couple you like and tell me what kind of draft compensation would need to be involved to make them happen and/or the most/least you'd personally be willing to give up for them. Looking forward to your replies!

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