Name That Draft Pick Compensation: Western Conference

Well, I guess my idea sort've fizzled out, as there wasn't much prognosticating on the Eastern Conference front. I may as well finish what I started though, especially since the poll indicated most of you who did read wanted to see it. A quick recap of the idea, in case you're new:

As such, I will break these trades up into the two directions in which this trade will unfold: up or down. This can give you the opportunity to consider the sides from both perspectives: how much would I be willing/have to give up if we went this direction? how many assets would another team have to give me if I were to make this move?

So, lets see what the Western Conference has to offer:

Trending Up:

Nuggets Receive: Ramon Sessions

Bobcats Receive: Andre Miller

Andre Miller and his 2 seasons at 5mil are unhappy in Denver, so what better partner than Ramon Sessions and his one year deal at 5mil?

Nuggets Receive: Bismack Biyombo, Ben Gordon

Bobcats Receive: Wilson Chandler, JaVale McGee

We save them from themselves and take McGee's potential, giving them Biyombo in the process. We ask for Wilson Chandler since we're taking on what looks to be an onerous contract, but they still might want something to sweeten the pot.

Lakers Receive: Ben Gordon, Jannero Pargo, Jeff Adrien

Bobcats Receive: Pau Gasol

Laker's apparently wanted more from the Cavs than they ended giving up for Luol Deng, so that should give you some hint on how out of touch with reality the Lakers FO is regarding Gasol. If the deadline draws closer and they still don't have a dance partner, how much more would we have to give them to get Pau?

Grizzlies Receive: Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Brendan Haywood, Ben Gordon, Jeff Adrien

Bobcats Receive: Zach Randolph, Tayshaun Prince

As the Grizzlies fade out of the playoff race, they'll transition into their future and probably look to pawn off Zach Randolph. If we give them MKG and take Tayshaun Prince, does that get it done?

Pelicans Receive: Gerald Henderson, Ben Gordon

Bobcats Receive: Eric Gordon

Injuries have wrecked the Pelican's season, and there are perpetual rumors about Eric Gordon's potential availability. They still expect themselves to be playoff contenders next season, so they pick up a fairly paid Henderson and open up over 8 mil in salary cap space. This wouldn't be enough though, what other assets might be necessary?

Kings Receive: Ben Gordon

Bobcats Receive: Marcus Thornton, Jason Thompson, Travis Outlaw

We get some spare parts on bad-ish contracts in an effort to address some issues. Shooting? Thornton. Interior PF? Thompson. Small forward depth? Outlaw. Would it take any additional assets?

Jazz Receive: Ben Gordon

Bobcats Receive: Richard Jefferson, Brandon Rush

Utah pawns off a couple of expendable pieces for some assets. What would you give them for these two? A straight Jefferson for Gordon swap would work too.

** Three Team ** **Deadline Special**

Nuggets Receive: Ben Gordon, Toure' Murray

Knicks Receive: Andre Miller

Bobcats Receive: Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton

The Nuggets are falling out of the race and looking to unload Chandler's 3 year deal. With the Andre Miller situation still lingering and the Knicks looking for an upgrade at PG, we come in and snag these two to make a push for the playoffs. This would probably take significant assets to occur.

Trending Down:

Nuggets Receive: Ramon Sessions, Gerald Henderson

Bobcats Receive: Evan Fournier, Andre Miller, Darrell Arthur

We tackled the Miller issue above, this merely expands upon it. The Nuggets have been playing surprisingly good ball this year, so they may look for even more of an upgrade. We exchange backup PGs, we get an under-performing prospect in Fournier, and they get some cap relief by unloading Arthur. In return, they get Henderson, who is on a fair deal and strengths their SG position's depth. Would we need any other assets? What if the Nuggets don't want to part from Fournier? Randy Fore costs $1.5mil more per year but his contract length is the same. If Foye was substituted for Fournier, how would that impact things for you?

Grizzlies Receive: Ramon Sessions

Bobcats Receive: Tayshaun Prince

With the Courtney Lee trade, the Grizz finally have some depth on the wing, which would allow them to unload Prince's contract while remaining a team contending for the playoffs. Sessions fills a huge hole at the backup PG position, making this an appealing deal for them. What kind of assets would you want to make this work?

Timberwolves Receive: Gerald Henderson

Bobcats Receive: Chase Budinger

Chase hasn't looked like a good player since returning from injury, and Kevin Love's demeanor has instilled a serious sense of urgency into Minnesota. With him being owed $5mil for the next three years, they may be open to shipping him out in return for Gerald Henderson, who helps resolve their perimeter defense while not completely destroying spacing to Mbah-Moute's extent. Buying low on Budinger may be a small prize in itself, but what other assets would you need from Minnesota to do this?

Suns Receive: Ramon Sessions, Ben Gordon

Bobcats Receive: Emeka Okafor

Ramon Sessions helps stabilize the PG position after the loss of Bledsoe. Phoenix is loaded with assets from the Steve Nash trade. How much would you need to give them Sessions?

King Receive: Brendan Haywood, Jannero Pargo, Anthony Tolliver, Jeff Adrien

Bobcats Receive: Carl Landry

Landry hasn't played a minute since signing a big 4 year contract with the Kings. How much buyers remorse do they have? What would you need from the Kings to take on this contract? What if they want an actual player? Trading him straight up for Sessions would work too.

** Three Team Alert **

Suns Receive: Omer Asik

Rockets Receive: Miles Plumlee, Ben Gordon

Bobcats Receive: Emeka Okafor, Donatas Motiejunas

If the Suns decide to preserve despite Eric Bledsoe's injury, they may look to upgrade the Center position. We work as a facilitator in this deal, as Houston gets a serviceable player on a cheap contract to play behind Dwight. How much more would Houston need to move Asik? What would you want in return for working as a cog?

** Three Team Alert **

Detroit Receives: Shawn Marion, Brandon Wright

Dallas Receives: Greg Monroe, Ramon Sessions, Ben Gordon

Charlotte Receives: Charlie Villanueva, Shane Larkin, Devin Harris, Bernard James, Gal Mekel

We'll save this one for last, because this would be a blockbuster. As Detroit's season begins to spiral out of control, they make a desperate play and mortgage their talented young big man in an attempt to reach the playoffs. Marion helps their spacing issues and addresses their lack of depth at SF, whereas Wright gives them a young, highly productive big man on a reasonable contract for the next two years. Dallas continues their bid for the postseason while simultaneously making a play for the future, gambling that a frontline of Monroe and Dirk can take the league by storm. Despite their smorgasbord of PGs (which we promptly disintegrated), no one has really stepped up behind Jose Calderon. Sessions gives them a serviceable backup now to continue their postseason push. Losing Marion would likely be the largest sticking point, but if Vince Carter's re-emergence continues, they may feel comfortable making this deal.

As for the Bobcats? We work as facilitators here. Shane Larkin is a minor prize, netting us a recent 1st round pick only owed $1.5mil the next 4 years. Gal Mekel and his 500k for 3 years is unfortunate, but he had to be added to make the numbers work. What if the Mavs aren't willing to give up Larkin? The deal can work by eliminating Sessions and we'd only receive Villanueva. What if they won't do it without getting Sessions AND won't give up Larkin? Wayne Ellington and his $2.7mil for 2 years can be included along with Devin Harris. Which one of these would you most like for the Bobcats? What would you need in return to do this?

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