We Will Contend in 2014, No Doubt About it

Any big time FA will see what clifford and cho have done and will be able to do with this team and want to come here. Small market but the signing of Big Al, a big FA acquisition allows other big time dudes to see what we can do with what we have and set the table for the recruitment of these big time players. The pieces are in place, the Front Office just has to make them visible in the eyes of these big name guys.

To start...

We have some well known bad defenders on our team yet we have a top 5 defense...

Al Jefferson

Josh McRoberts

Cody Zeller

Kemba Walker

Ramon Sessions

Ben Gordon

Anthony Tolliver

All of those guys are below average defenders and clifford makes it all work with a flawless scheme... actually there are flaws like opponent three point % but thats a sacrifice they make to play the D they do. If we add a wing scorer in the Draft and in FA we could make it to the eastern conference championship, with ease.

There is a reason Tolliver is shooting a mind-blowing 46% from three this year, up 12 points from his career average and is something I'm pretty sure no one saw coming... he's just a shooter... that's it. He is something the Cats just havent had the past two years. And the offense that we have gets good looks for shooters. BG will be gone Sessions gone hopefully Zeller gone in a trade. No doubt we sign a bigtime free agent and at least a couple significant role players, shooters at that, to surround our core. Imagine Kemba surrounded by shooters, the lane would open up and would allow him to create even more space than he already can with these NASTY crossovers and step backs. When he dribbles with his right and crosses back and pulls up its open almost every single time. He will rise to stardom by the middle of the season next year. He will be the next Steph Curry, just without that many threes, constantly knocking down cold blooded shots and leading his team to victory night in and night out.

imagine this

PG - Kemba Walker, improved in every aspect of his game, develops a two man game with Al that proves to be deadly by the time next season rolls around, assist numbers finally reach 8 per game, Shabazz Napier from UCONN, former teammate of Kemba's, dominating college right now shooting 44% from three and averaging 17.1 ppg 6 rebounds, and 6 assists, drawing comparisons to Kemba himself. He's clutch, not afraid of the big shot or apparently when to take it either. He took a 40 footer with 4 seconds left for the win and absolutely drilled it for the win against Villanova last year.

UConn's Shabazz Napier game-winner against Villanova (via Ballin Isahabit)

SG - FA, Gerald Henderson, maybe Gary Harris from Michigan State, his coach recently said he's the best in the country (definitely not), but Harris is turning heads and is expected to go earlier than where we would pick anyway. Maybe a scoring punch off the bench like Nick Young, or Mo Williams, or Brandon Rush. Rush and Williams have struggled thus far this year, Rush being hurt and Williams with a new team as well as coming off an injury earlier in the season. Nick Young has had a career year so far averaging 17 points per game up from his 11.7 career mark. Obviously those stats are inflated due to lack of a go to scorer in L.A. this season in the absence of Kobe, but still, it's allowing him to develop and get used to having the ball in his hands down the stretch in a big game.

SF - MKG, Danny Granger in a trade for BG's contract or we sign him in FA, wouldnt cost a lot. Doug McDermott from Creighton, he is running away with the player of the year award averaging 24.7 ppg and 7 rebounds, and I swear this man has the quickest, smoothest stroke in college, he reads the defense perfectly and knows how to play the game of basketball, can flat out score, unlimited range from deep, has scored 33 twice, 30 twice, 35, and 37 in games just this year so far and is jaw droppingly efficient, 24.7 ppg averaging 16 shot attempts, and for some reason he is slotted to go to us at the 15th pick right now. Dear Lord, may he stay there for the remainder of the season through to the moment his name is called on draft night. Amen. Also, as a sophomore (he's a senior now), he dropped 44 on 18-23 shooting, 3-5 from distance!

Creighton University's Doug McDermott Scores 44 Points at Bradley (via Creighton Athletics)

And here's a video of him dropping 30 vs. SDSU really stepping out on the perimeter, showing his game has progressed. Notice he barely needs any space to knock down almost any shot on the floor.

Doug McDermott Full Highlights 2013.11.29 vs San Diego State - 30 Pts. (via Dawk Ins)

PF - FA, Mcbob, McDermott here too, I really, really like Andray Blatche here, unrestricted in 2014 and he can score in iso situations, has a midrange jumper and doesnt eat up minutes, the perfect offensive role player as a center/PF, not that we need another weak defensive player on our roster but I have always been a fan of Blatche. Also, if Greg Monroe isnt traded by Detroit I can see him fitting in well here too. And just addressing CZ, he is awful. He needs to stay big, he dribbles the ball and dips his whole body while he drives and most of the time throws up a pretty horrible shot. He's making 37% of them which is actually quite a shock considering he still hasn't gotten that jumper to go consistently yet and rarely gets easy buckets.

C - Big Al, Big Al, Big Al, he is already flashing signs of deserving that $41.5 million that we signed him for and I really think he likes it here. Like I said he is known for being awful defensively and Clifford turned him into the best defensively rated player on the Bobcats. Not to mention he's averaging a double double 19 ppg and 10.5 rpg. We clearly need no help at this position and its pretty obvious they wont make any moves here unless they move biz for a taller backup center that knows the game a lot more, AKA anything but biz.

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