"Experts" opinions about the future and Zeller especially...

Just thought you might like the see what some respected guys say about the team's future...especially Zeller's.

It's interesting to see such different takes on the same guy from two different experts.

I posted questions in two major chat sessions with "experts" former player Greg Anthony of CBS and NBA TV and Nate Duncan of Basketball Insiders.

Here is the question and answer to Greg Anthony:

cody zeller has finally played better in limited time lately. How good can he be in a few years? Player comparison?

ceiling is to be an All-Star. Big fan of his talent.

Here is the quetion and answer to Nate Duncan:

  1. Hey Nate,

    I have a question concerning Charlotte’s GM Rich Cho. Do you see Cho as a long term solution for the team? There is a perception around the league that Michael Jordan is the Jerry Jones of the NBA and he is the real GM of the team. But Cho has made lots of good free agency/trades but poor draft choices in my opinion. With the exception of Kemba Walker at 9, Biyombo at 7, MKG at 2, and Zeller at 4 have all shown major holes/are busts potentially. But bringing in Al Jefferson, arranging 3 possible first rounders this year, cheap, effective contracts like Josh McRoberts, Ramon Sessions, Gerald Henderson–make you feel Cho is a good accountant not a good drafter. Will Cho be in Charlotte long term if their young core doesn’t turn major corners?

    • Nate Duncan

      Since Cho and I share the same favorite restaurant (Burma Superstar in SF) it’s hard for me to knock him. It’s also hard to know who is making the ultimate calls in Charlotte. That said, they have done a few decent things but as you noted missed on the draft picks that could have really gotten them out of the doldrums. Even signing Jefferson might just end up being a bad long-term move because it will put them out of the running for a star this year. To really get to be a contender, Charlotte needs a star scorer, a ton more shooting, and a rim-protector on defense. Clifford recently noted that to be a contender you need to be top 10 on offense and defense, and all of those things will be needed to make that happen.

      That’s why passing on Noel for Zeller was so frustrating, because Noel at least could have had a chance of being that rim protector. Zeller, unless he can develop the three point shot I and scouts mentioned in my article about the struggling rookies, doesn’t move the needle on any of those fronts.

      I do think that if Cho’s next pick doesn’t do well he could start to get in hot water. Again, I don’t know who is making those Charlotte picks ultimately, but Zeller was an analytics darling so that might signal more Cho influence. That one isn’t looking great so far.

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