Bobcats Looking Into Arron Afflalo and Anthony Morrow

I can't wait.

Morrow will be too easy to get. If New Orleans is willing to trade him we wont need to give up much. I saw a report that they need big man help so Zeller, McRoberts, and Biyombo are on the block in return. I'm fine with giving up Zeller, he was such an awful pick and we don't to go through the process of trying to develop another big.

Biz I am a little more hesitant to give up because he does seem to be developing and turning some kind of a corner, he isn't making significant strides, more like tiny steps, but I would still do it because Morrow is leading the NBA in 3P% right now and he would only get more opportunities in a Cats uniform. He is knocking down 48% from three and 46% from the field and we are VERY thin at the guard spots and i could also see him playing the three in some sort of small ball lineup if we could even pull that off. Sessions gets most if not all of the back up shooting guard minutes. Morrow is also a Charlotte native so he would probably LOVE playing here.

I just wouldn't want to give up McBob. He spaces the floor from the 4 and can handle, pass, and make the right plays. Most of the time he can hold his own on D because of his length, smart play, and hustle, although he did get abused by Greg Monroe in the first game against the Pistons, but so did Biz, the defensive specialist, and Biz didn't knock down 3 threes and have 14, 10, and 3 on the other side of the floor.

Arron Afflalo in my opinion is a better but more expensive version of Gerald Henderson and I'm sure a lot of people would agree. He is in the Top Ten in the league in 3P% as well as Morrow and even our very own Anthony Tolliver, and is averaging 19.4 points per game. Afflalo would add such a scoring punch to the team as well as provide leadership and perimeter scoring. Afflalo, Morrow, and Henderson are all 6'5" though, which may cause problems when you want these guys on the floor together. Henderson I think could guard the majority of small forwards in the NBA because of his length and I'm assuming Morrow isn't exactly a lock down defender otherwise he probably would be getting a lot more minutes on his current team considering the struggles of the backcourt in New Orleans right now. These guys being so interchangeable could prove to be absolutely genius by Cho if he can keep Hendo here. The production level would never drop off from the 2 and when two of these guys are in at once we finally get production out of the 3! Wow. A deal for Afflalo may just catapult us into serious contention for the 3 seed.

All of the other trade rumors had me shaking my head except for the Monroe rumors. Turner isn't enough of a perimeter threat needed for this roster, he can score, we know that, but Afflalo shoots 43% behind the arc, an obvious upgrade. The Gary Neal and Caron Butler got me excited but those have appeared to dissolve and wouldn't be as impactful as a deal for Afflalo.

This worked on the trade machine

CHA gets: Afflalo, Glen Davis

ORL gets: Ben Gordon, Biz

We then throw in the Portland pick too.

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