Buzzing ahead to the Rebirth of the Hornets

3.4 Million PG- Kemba Walker

9 Million SG- Gerald Henderson, Gary Neal

6 Million SF- MKG, Jeffrey Taylor

10.7 Million PF- Cody Zeller, Bismack Biyombo, Josh McRoberts

15.5 Mililion C- Al Jefferson, Brandon Haywood

This team enters the offseason with just about 20 Million in Cap Space. First, Josh McRoberts is most likely to decline his player option of 2.7 Million and seek a larger salary. Every position could use an upgrade. The Hornets enter the 2014 draft with one late 1st rd pick and possibly a lottery pick (4% chance). The team needs in the following order: SF-PF-SG-C-PG. Let's address the small forward position first.

$4 Million 1) Small Forward. Look at MKG's numbers. He's not very utilized in the offense and should be coming off the bench. Heck, Anthony Tolliver and CDR got more playing time than him in some games. Amazing! The team needs to seek a scorer at this position possibly a Rodney Hood, PJ Hairston, or Ty Warren esque player or Danny Granger

$5 Million 2) Power Forward- The team desperately needs another player to help take the load off Cody Zeller here. Josh Mcroberts playing time was very lopsided throughout the year. The bobcats don't need a low post offensive threat here, we already have that in Big Al. The team could use someone like Jordan Hill.

$7 Million 3) Shooting Guard- Gerald Henderson is possibly one of the slowest shooting guards who struggles with perimeter defense. The Hornets should seek someone with good defensive skills and high awareness. The team could use someone like Gordan Heyward or Lance Stephenson

$6 Million 4) Center- Just need a backup, possibly Bismack Biyombo and Haywood not with the team. Spencer Hawes could be a man to be on the court and not miss a beat when Big Al comes out.

$1 Million 5) Point Guard- A guy to take some minutes and just run the offense. Could be anyone.

The team won't be doing all these things, let's be real. Here is what actually will happen. Josh McRoberts will decline his option, then resign for $6-7 Million. The Hornets will end up signing Danny Granger to play small forward. Hornets sign Spencer Hawes to backup Big Al. And the Hornets draft PJ Hairston and a point guard in the second round.

PG- Kemba Walker, 2nd Round Draft Pick[Aaron Craft, Russ Smith]

SG- Gerald Henderson, PJ Hairston, Gary Neal

SF- Danny Granger, MKG, Jeffrey Taylor

PF- Josh Mcroberts, Cody Zeller, Bismack Biyombo

C- Al Jefferson, Spencer Hawes

Minutes Breakdown:

Kemba Walker (34) Gerald Henderson (31) Danny Granger (26) Josh McRoberts (28) Al Jefferson (35)

Aaron Craft (15) PJ Hairston ( 17) Gary Neal (15) Cody Zeller (22) Spencer Hawes (19) MKG (18)

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