The impact of Zeller starting at PF.

If Cody does indeed take over at that PF spot and start over McBob (depending if we resign him or not of coarse), the starting lineup would be Kemba, Hendo, MKG, Zeller & Jefferson. As of now.

While i do like the front court of Big Al and Zeller, the obvious size in particular, this does create a problem of a no true 3-ball shooting threat. While Jefferson had an amazing season, I do credit McBob ( who really gelled this team together with his passing skills) for some of that success last season due to the floor spacing he provided and forcing opposing defenses to atleast respect the 3-ball because he was one of the best outside shooters on the roster, and easily the best in the starting lineup.With him gone, this now creates a couple, very important questions that need to be addressed.

1)Who will our 3-ball threat (and just create overall floor spacing) in our starting 5?

2)Which direction do we go in with our two 1st round picks?

So if Zeller does indeed that over the 4 spot. That leaves the SG & SF spots up in the air.

With as much as we've invested in him, by being the 2nd overall pick, with this elite athleticism, and his just sheer upside due to his potential on defense, i think you got to start MKG without question. With him on the floor he can limit some of the better scorers in the league at a position where a lot of the big time scorers do play. His jump shot only get better, because it can't get much worse.

So that leaves Hendo at SG. I've said this for over a year now, Gerald Henderson is NOT starting material on playoff team. Period. I would be perfectly fine with him in a Gary Neal/CDR type role, but the upgrade of that SG spot is urgent, and is really what is holding this team back.

We got the #9 pick. We could trade it for something, yes. But as deep as this draft is, i really hope we use it. Gary Harris is no doubt who i want at #9. He fills a huge need. He can shoot the 3 ball. Plays good defense. He could be plugged in right now and be successful. And with the #24 pick, we have a number of options. Finding a backup PG is very much needed, as well as another backup SF/PF, depending on who we sign or resign. TJ Warren, Shabuzz Napier, Adrien Payne & Cleanthony Early are guys to possibly look at for the #24 pick that fill a need.

We have an All-Star, top 3 in the league, caliber Center and one of the best up and coming Point Guards in the league. The time is now.

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