Off-season Maneuvers

Hi, I'm Rich Cho and Michael Jordan all in the same personhood. Today I will show you the right off-season moves for the Hornets.

Firstly, let's revisit the team's off-season needs and the assets by which those needs might be attended.


-A reliable scorer at the 2 and/or 3 position

-A quality, offensively gifted, backup center

-A veteran point guard to provide second-unit leadership


-17+ million dollars of cap space

-Picks #9, #24, and #45 in the 2014 NBA Draft

-All-star level center and a budding point guard. (Talent attracts talent)


Pick #9: TRADE

-We will send the 9, 24, Gerald Henderson, and Bismack Biyombo to the ORLANDO MAGIC for Arron Afflalo, Jameer Nelson, and the 12 pick.


-This move would kill two birds with one stone. Afflalo provides a significant upgrade to the Hornets' three-point game, and Nelson would be a quality, back-up pg to Kemba.


-The most obvious con to this dealio is that Afflalo possesses a player-option for 2015, by which he may become a free agent after only one season in the Purple and Teal. One can imagine that if he averages 18ppg like he did a year ago he'd be rather highly coveted by the rest of the league. However, trading Henderson would give the Hornets even more cap space to lock Afflalo up for the long-term, given he performs accordingly.

Pick #12: T.J. Warren SG/SF, NC State




-HT: 6'8"

-WT: 220

-Age: 20


--Warren is a terrific scorer, averaging 24ppg in his sophomore season at NC State.

--Warren would thrive at the third-or-forth scoring option on the Hornets.


--Warren does not as of yet have a defined NBA position

--Warren is serviceable-at best as a 3-point shooter.

--Warren's defense isn't great, however that may be attributed to the team he played on in college.

Pick #45: Vasilije Micic PG, Serbia


-HT: 6'5"

-WT: 188

-Age: 20


-Displays solid, pure-PG skill

-Could provide an excellent contrast to Kemba, coming off the bench

-Foreign players work for the Spurs, why not us, too?


-Minimal athleticism gives him a low ceiling.

-Though he can shoot, he should not be looked at as a reliable scoring option. He's definitely a pass-first PG.


Priority One: Resign Josh McRoberts

-Hopefully, McRoberts will just play along and not opt out of his contract. However, even if he does, the Hornets need to resign him, given said deal isn't too ludicrous.


McRoberts' ability to stretch the floor with his shooting, and giftedness as a passer were key to the team's success in the 2013-14 season. And while some roster turnover is obviously needed, continuity is also important to sustained success.

Priority two: Sign Spencer Hawes


Hawes averaged 13ppg/8rpg last season on a bad Cleveland team. He would be an instant upgrade to our center rotation, because he would give the Hornets a serviceable scorer at the 5 position, coming off the bench.


Hawes is probably the second-or-third best center in free agency, and there are not many great centers in the 2014 draft, so he may have many suitors. The Hornets must be careful not to overpay Hawes, especially since he'll be a backup.

Priority three: Sign one more shooter at the SG/SF position.

Options: -James Jones

-C.J. Miles


Move# 1: Sign Seth Curry from the D-leauge


If nothing else, Curry could provide an occasional 10-12 points off the bench. The kid can score. Also, what're the Hornets without Curry?


There's really not too much to lose, here.

­Final Analysis/TL;DR


PG: Kemba Walker / Jameer Nelson / Vasilije Micic

SG: Arron Aflalo / Gary Neal / James Jones

SF: T.J. Warren / Michael Kidd-Gilchrist / Jeffery Taylor

PF: Josh McRoberts / Cody Zeller

C: Al Jefferson / Spencer Hawes

*While this hypothetical roster does not make the Hornets immediate title contenders, I believe it does address all of he the current needs facing the Hornets, except giving them a sure-fire franchise player. Yet, then again, that guy may already be on the roster.

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