Free Agents (Restricted or unrestricted) and players that we should trade for this offseason.

I know a lot of you guys have already been talking about this issue for a while now, but I just want to make a census or something to clear up once and for all on who do you guys think we should get.

From what I've observed during the games, well, it very obvious and known that what the team needs is more shooters (SG) and a better wing player (SF) or someone to carry the burden with Walker and Jefferson.

Most of the choices are from the blogs and sites that I have read before.

Gordon Hayward

Personally, I'm really biased towards this decision. I really want the Hornets to get him. The chemistry will not be problem since he had a history with Big Al in the Utah Jazz, he's also young (24), a very decent shooter and a huge upgrade at the 3.

Together with Big Al and Kemba, they would kinda form a "Big 3" in a sense, similar to what happened during the 2012-2013 season when Hayward, together with Paul Millsap and Jefferson, almost made it into the playoffs with a 43-39 record in the WEST, similar to the Bobcats' record this 2013-2014 season, in the EAST. Imagine what would've happen if Hayward was already on the team during the season, we could have gone up way higher than that.

During his tenure in the Jazz, I think he was force to switch between SG and SF from to time to time and was left with no help when Big Al and Millsap left. Maybe that was one of the reason why they sucked during that time. If ever he would suit up for the Hornets, they will have a huge chance of contending for at least the playoffs and maybe (hopefully) the conference finals without getting swept by any teams.

The only problem is he's RFA, so the Jazz would be able to match up any offers the Hornets give him and it might end up being too costly to get him.

Lance Stephenson and Luol Deng

At first, I was really a big fan of the rumors regarding the Hornets possibility of getting Lance Stephenson. He's a decent shooter, rebounder, and a defensive player with a "born ready" attitude. With this, he could ultimately fit in with the Hornets. A decent shooter which the team really needs. CHECK. A defensive player which is part of Clifford's values. CHECK.

But come on, after those antics during the conference finals with LeBron and his issue with Turner, Hibbert and Hill and his locker room presence, it really raised a lot of red flags. Sadly, he just went to the bottom of my shopping list. Way bottom.

In these rumors, Luol Deng's name usually is partnered with Stephenson's. In this scenario, our cap space will be able to accommodate both of them in which it would be a huge upgrade in the 2 and 3. Deng's a proven veteran at age 29. He's a decent defender and shooter. But the only problem is his health. As we all know, he is usually injured in a certain part of a season.

Trevor Ariza

The only info that I know is that with their slight success in the playoffs, I don't think the Wizards are letting him go. Besides, his salary just demands to much.

Aaron Afflalo and Jameer Nelson

There is also another scenario which I usually see in most articles. We can trade with the Orlando Magic.

Aaron's stats are at its career high, he's a decent swingman or possibly an upgrade in either 2 or 3. Together with him in a package deal is Nelson, he's a veteran which could strenghen the bench and act as Walker's back-up. Aside from those, given Clifford's history as an Asst. Coach in Magic, chemistry will not be a much of a problem with those two.

But the problem is, they're already 29 and 32 years old. In short, getting them by trading most of our draft picks is kinda alarming because the scenario is not a long term solution but rather a very short one.

Chandler Parsons

Another possible upgrade in the wing. He's a 2nd rounder in which he constantly improves every year. He 6'9 and a very decent 3pt shooter and dunker. His only problem is that he's not that of a good defender.

Also take into consideration that he's RFA, and the obvious reason is if the Rockets gives him an extension, he would be UFA after that and will not be able to match any offers at all. And their planning to get Melo, Love or LeBron.

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