Hell of an offseason am I right? Nope (but yes at the same time)

Okay so as of the time I am writing this article, which is Sunday July 13, around 11:00 at night, we have lost Brendan Haywood, thankfully, he was a detriment to the forward progress of the organization, Jeff Adrien, Josh McRoberts, who will be quickly replaced, don't worry, Ben Gordon, finally, and several end of the bench guys on the roster last season haven't been signed by anyone yet.

We added Marvin Williams, former #2 pick in the draft, a guy who can play the 3 or the 4 pretty well due to his lateral quickness and length and shooting ability.

We added Brian Roberts, a serviceable back up point guard that specializes in distributing the ball and can knock down threes at a good rate. He's also a career 90% free throw shooter.

Through the draft as we all know we added Noah Vonleh and PJ Hairston.

Vonleh through two summer league games has proven he can rebound, but is extremely raw on the offensive end. I haven't really looked at his defense as much but really noticed his ability to rebound using his athleticism and length to his advantage. Under Patrick Ewing he should develop nicely into a fine player hopefully all star caliber.

PJ Hairston. Oh my God PJ Hairston. Yes he did go 2-16 in the first summer league game. Yes he did go 6-22 in the second summer league game. But did anyone get as excited as i did when he got hot? Did you see him DRAIN that three under serious duress with about 10 sec left? Did you then have an envision of that happening during the regular season and or playoffs the exact way it happened tonight? This kid is something guys, he's clearly frustrated with plenty of distractions off the court the whole week and he just keeps going, keeps pushing, doesn't stop shooting because he isn't hitting, he takes the same shots that got him to where he is now and that's the kind of confidence and swag we need in a big time shooter. He trusts himself and when they started falling they almost didn't stop it was great.

Chandler Parsons just signed with the Mavericks and hopefully that signing lines up a perfect opportunity for the Hornets to be the only team in the running for Lance Stephenson besides the Indiana Pacers who seem to not want to pay him more than $8 million per year. Rich Cho is more than likely willing to overpay for Stephenson considering we have $20 million in cap space with no one to spend it on besides him really.

The Depth Chart (hopefully)

PG - Kemba, Roberts

SG - Lance, Hendo, PJ

SF - MKG, Taylor

PF - Marvin (to begin the season), Zeller, Vonleh

C - Al, Bismack

With this team our shooting improves incredibly and we can only assume the defense gets better considering we added better 1 on 1 defensive players in Marvin Williams, Lance, and Jeff Taylor back from injury.

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