Ben Swanson

Managing Editor

I write mostly about the Bobcats. I've been a Rufus on Fire member since way back and managing editor since February of 2011. In my past life, I wrote for short stints with Bobcats Baseline and I was once a Charlotte Bobcats interactive media intern. Now I am a journalism school student at UNC-Chapel Hill and cover mostly stories about large burritos and SlamBall. Outside of basketball, I mainly make lots of jokes and listen to a lot of music. Inside of a basketball, it's too dark to do any of those things. (c) Groucho Marx


What's left in Hornets' offseason before camp?


With 14 players who figure to be on the roster, the Hornets have space for one more player for the regular season and six for their offseason roster before training camp.

Are the Hornets better now? Probably, & later too!


We expect the Hornets' new additions will make them better in the present, but the most important part might be how it might make them better in the future.

Hornets end Summer League with semifinals loss


PJ Hairston led the Hornets with 27 points, though the lost to the Rockets in a close game that came down to the last half-minute.

Hornets take on Rockets in Summer League semifinal


The game starts at 6 p.m. EST. NBATV is broadcasting the game live, and you can find it on the NBA's broadband league pass app on their website. The Hornets moved on last time in a victory over...

Hornets a "dangerous playoff team", Lowe says


Zach Lowe's feature on the Hornets signing Lance Stephenson is very positive about their future.

Hornets vs Knicks Summer League thread


Hey all, I'm at the pool but there's a summer league game about to happen so sorry about the lateness, but here's a place to chat while the game happens!

Stephenson and Hornets excited to begin together


Lance Stephenson and Rich Cho held a press conference to announce Stephenson signing and to discuss their fit together.

Hornets vs Pelicans Summer League thread


The Hornets got their first win in Summer League competition led by better scoring across the board. Cody Zeller, assuredly buoyed by the hot sports takes about his first game of the summer, hit...

Lance's controversial past, ethics, and us as fans


Lance Stephenson's past is impossible to ignore, but the reconciling of history and youth, and our fandom is a difficult intersection we must navigate.

Hornets to sign Stephenson for 3 years $27 million

The Charlotte Hornets made their big offseason splash, cashing in their cap space to upgrade at the wing with Lance Stephenson.

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