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Biyombo needs a solution


Some Biyombo updates I had neither seen nor heard, though they're a week or so old: * When it comes to his NBA agent rights, he has fired his former Spanish agent and signed with Bell Management International, who work out of Maryland. Perhaps they will have an easier time of negotiating the NBA waters. * His Spanish team now claims to hold his rights through 2014 with a $3 million buyout on the contract. Previously, those numbers were reported to have been 2012 and $1.4 million. * Biyombo is in a contract dispute with that team and is attempting to get five months of his salary as well as the contract voided. He apparently claims the club didn't pay him on time going as far back as September '010 and also refused to help him get a visa to play in the Nike Hoop Summit. Biyombo's new management has been negotiating with his club in an attempt to reach a settlement as recently as the middle of last week.

Finding a Niche For: Bismack Biyombo

Any scouting report must start with Biyombo's dimensions, which are downright freakish. He measured a 7-7 wingspan (which would rank fifth longest in our expansive database) at the Nike Hoop Summit, despite standing just 6-7 ¾ without shoes. No player of record has ever measured a wingspan that is nearly 12 inches longer than his actual height—the closest is Jason Maxiell, who is 6-5 without shoes with a 7-3 ¼ wingspan. He also sports a chiseled 243-pound frame (4.8% body fat) that he should have no problem putting additional weight onto. .... What makes Biyombo so interesting, though, is his willingness to utilize his physical tools. He plays the game with incredible emotion (think Joakim Noah or Kevin Garnett), often putting opposing players and teammates in harm's way with his desire to make his presence felt. He competes on every possession, often to the point of physical exhaustion, something that will need to be honed. Still, it's an extremely desirable trait in a prospect. .... Once he catches the ball in the paint, Biyombo usually has one thing on his mind: dunk. He can take off from incredible distances (well outside the restricted area) and still finish plays because of his sheer length and explosiveness. He absolutely crushes the rim any opportunity he gets.

Bismack Biyombo is now a free agent.

Breaking News: Bismack Biyombo has unilaterally terminated his contract with Fuenlabrada, following several breaches, his agent tells us. http://twitter.com/DraftExpress/status/58892862682701824 More in a second at http://twitter.com/DraftExpress. Now your thoughts.
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