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*GASP* Larry Brown wanted AI in Charlotte, MJ didn't

LB: "Before I got fired I went to the NBA coaches' meeting ... a lot of the NBA people, the executives that were there, talked to me about trying to figure out a way to get Allen to finish out his career in our league. He wanted to come with me [Allen Iverson], but Michael [Jordan] didn't think it the right thing to do because we had young guards and he wanted them to develop. I think for him to end his career in Turkey after what he did for our league is tragic."

Larry Brown Looking at a Return to the NCAA


As expected, it didn't take long for rumors of Larry Brown's next job to begin circulating. As the only coach to win both an NCAA and NBA title, word on the street is that Larry Brown is thinking of returning to coach college basketball. Of course, before than, some linked him to the new coaching spot the Pacers recently had. Some have even suggested that, with a potentially shorten season during 2011-2012, that a team may pick him up just for giggles. Which college teams at this point are not known, although there seems to be false rumors linking Brown with Arkansas. Brown is a talented coach, and while many here became very disgruntled with him, we shouldn't forget he's still a good coach, and definitely contributed to Bobcats history. What gets me about the article is how it states that Brown is now willing to move his family where his next coaching job is. Why couldn't he have just moved them to Charlotte this past year, lol?

Jordan’s Bobcats Stumbling Out of the Gate........

"Our second team kicks our first team in practice," Brown said. "What does that tell you?" Hm. What does that tell us Coach Brown?

Media Day - Larry Brown


Larry Brown covers a variety of topics including the team's off-season moves, training camp, their current situation at PG and C, trade rumors, season expectations, and more.

Doug Moe


If in two years we need another 70+ year old coach to replace our current 70+ year old coach, we could turn to Larry Brown's first assistant coach with the Carolina Cougars. "One time I sent him to scout a team, and he came back with no notes," says... Larry Brown, Moe's good friend and old North Carolina teammate. Brown was referring to the 1972-73 and '73-74 seasons when he was coach of the American Basketball Association's Carolina Cougars and Moe was his assistant. "He walked into practice, and the only thing he said was 'If we can't beat those guys, we shouldn't be in coaching.' " Moe is currently an assistant coach with the Denver Nuggets.

Bobcats Baseline: "The Bobcats Need New Ownership with Direction, Not 'Hope'"

Successful organizations are not run on "hope." Yes, in professional sports many things can backfire during a season: injuries, suspensions, bad calls and off-the-court issues can undermine a good plan. But you NEED A GOOD PLAN to begin with. Teams like Dallas, Utah, the Lakers, Portland, San Antonio, Denver, Cleveland and Boston devise plans and execute them.

Larry Brown's Coaching Tree


I'm packing for a trip tonight, so if any of you have the time to draw up Larry Brown's coaching tree and post it to Flickr or something, that would be amazing.


Thoughts on Derrick Brown from a Xavier alum

  Hey guys, my name is Zak Woods and I blog for SBN at watchkalibrun.com I am an alum of Xavier University and have watched D-Brown for three years. So I figured I would help inform the Bobcat...

Via The Baseline, here's video I shot of Larry Brown discussing Tyler Hansbrough and amateur...

Via The Baseline, here's video I shot of Larry Brown discussing Tyler Hansbrough and amateur players, in general.

Bobcats Knock Off Knicks; Wallace and Augustin Shine


Recapping the Bobcats' win over the Knicks, commenting on how much Gerald Wallace has really improved, and wondering if DJ Augustin should take over point guard right now.

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