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Hornets will make All-Star bid


The Charlotte Hornets will announce their bid for an upcoming All-Star Weekend Tuesday morning, Rick Bonnell reports.

Michael Jordan speaks to season ticket holders


Bobcats owner Michael Jordan speaks to Bobcats season ticket holders as he tries to convince them to renew their tickets.

Charles Barkley Critical of Jordan


Well, it looks like a far more experienced and knowledgable basketball mind than any of us has spoken, and the results are not good. The money quote: "I think the biggest problem has been I don't know if he has hired enough people around him who he will listen to. I don't think Michael has hired enough people around him who will disagree. I love Michael, but he just has not done a good job. Even though he is one of my great friends, I can't get on here and tell you he's done a great job. He has not done a great job, plain and simple." Further insights follow about Jordan's decision to draft Adam Morrison.

Linkday: What The F*** is Michael Jordan Wearing Tumblr


This is so well done. Hilarious titles, captions and the hashtags are all perfect.

MJ Promises Tar Heels Shoes and "anything you want"


Here's a video that I thought was amusing. Just playful banter between UNC folks. I think Ben will enjoy it too, as you're a fan of sports shoes and a Tar Heel as well. Shot outside TWC Arena, MJ tells Harrison Barnes to stop wearing Kobe shoes. He later goes and says that if the Heels make the Final Four, he'll give them some special Jordans, along with "anything you want." (UNC athletic gear is supplied by the Jordan Brand) What made me laugh in this video, apart from MJ's hideous fashion choice in jeans (what else is new), is what His Airness is doing. Does he drive an ATV to TWC Arena? Anyone know? lol

Jordan’s Bobcats Stumbling Out of the Gate........

"Our second team kicks our first team in practice," Brown said. "What does that tell you?" Hm. What does that tell us Coach Brown?

Bobcats Owner Michael Jordan signing for fans in Lake Tahoe


This article further chronicles Michael Jordan’s latest ambition, majority ownership of the Bobcats. The piece also shows two videos of Jordan signing autographs for fans at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe. The greatest of them all is still beloved by fans all around the country. What awesome exposure, for both the Bobcats and the Carolinas, Jordan provides.

Bobcats owner-to-be Jordan takes hands-on approach


So MJ apparently showed up at practice for the third time since he's been an owner of the team (that I'm aware of, and since it's been made a big deal of by reporters every time, I'm assuming that's all.) Maybe this is a sign of good things to come, maybe not. It's clearly not a new era of accountability in Bobbieland; Jordan refused to talk to reporters at all. But beyond all that, here's the part I was most amused by: Gerald Henderson not only beat him in one, but two games of H-O-R-S-E! One wonders whether Stephen Graham could beat Jordan in a single game of O-X.

Stop Saying Michael Jordan Has to Live in Charlotte to Be An Effective Owner of the Bobcats


Rufus on Fire expands on the notion that the Bobcats' owner should live in Charlotte.

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