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The Seattle Supersonics Are No More; The Tampa Bay Rays May Live Forever; The Charlotte Bobcats Must Pay Attention


Two major sports stories performed an alternately tragic and hopeful pas de deux today. First, the city of Seattle settled with the owners of the Supersonics, paving the way for the team to move to...

Relax, It's Summer League, or: Bill Plaschke Still Can't Write Paragraphs


I'm on assignment for an event at the Cable Box tonight, and not much news is developing. Until then, dear Bobcats fan, be consoled with the knowledge that Jermareo Davidson has outplayed Alexis...

Shout Outs 8-27-08


Free Darko: I was a semi-liberated fan before I started learning what liberated fandom was. Does your game actually reflect who you are? My boys just added another guy to our regular game after...

Do the Bobcats Have a Plan?


Was playing Madden 09 yesterday, and I thought about the Bobcats. (I know, reading about other people's video games is boring, but this relates to basketball, I swear. Stick with me.)I'm running a...

The Bobcats Layoffs Indicate a Need to Think Differently


The Bobcats are laying off some of their behind-the-scenes people, and crying "small market" all the while.Following up on Bob Johnson's claims, last year, that the Charlotte business community is...

My Lack of Outrage Over the Supersonics/Thunder Saga


I had a brief conversation with my friend, Zach, yesterday about going to the game tonight. See, Zach is from and lives in Seattle. It's understandable that he's asked me not to attend out of...

How to Treat Famous People


Facial HairBeating the Thunder, at home, is like sticking a Coca-Cola can in your mouth and calling it art. More on the game during the day.===The handsome gentleman in the photograph below is...

Old Thinkers vs. New Thinkers


This is not a new idea, but I like it a lot.In the new media world order, credibility has to be earned on a constant, recurring, basis. Think of separate Old Thinkers and New Thinkers. Old Thinkers...

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