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Ain't No Party Like an NBA Draft Party 'Cause an NBA Draft Party Don't Stop

The Draft is Thursday night. While other teams hold their draft parties at cold, cold, half empty arenas, the Bobcats are hosting their party at Charlotte's newest hip hot spot, Whiskey River.

I'll be there, possibly consuming a potent potable or two, definitely praying for someone like Joe Alexander or better. Since the Nuggets figured they're better off trading this year's 20th pick for future considerations, they're also looking to snatch up Roy Hibbert late in the first round, which would be just dandy.

If we don't get good players, at least we'll have the best draft party.

All that's leading to the hint that you'd better come back Friday morning for the awesomest draft review ever.

UPDATE: Courtesy of my man, Brent, who passed on this note from the org: "Due to the excitement of our 2 first round draft picks we have reached full capacity for tonight’s Draft Party. If you have already RSVP ’d to your personal account manager please disregard this message. Thank you for your loyalty and please contact me directly with any questions. Elevate!"

So, no Whiskey River tonight. Instead, we'll be having the NBA Draft Party at My Buddy's House, sponsored by Chili's Grill and Bar. Commence trying to get the baby back ribs song out of your head.