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Bobcats Draft Grades From Around the Web

I've provided my own draft assessment on the Bobcats, but my opinion is by no means a consensus. Taking a look around the interwebs, there appears to be a variety of views on how good the Cats' draft was. With the understanding that drafts don't get their real grades until three or four years down the line, here are examples of others' assessments:

Tom Sorensen -- Charlotte Observer -- "Augustin is the right point guard. He'd rather run an offense than shoot, rather pass than shoot, would rather penetrate than shoot. Yet he can shoot effectively off the dribble and hit those soft floaters in the lane." In other words, for Sorensen, Augustin is the pure point guard Charlotte's been missing. He's the game-changer, a cornerstone, that could remake the franchise.

Queen City Hoops -- QCH finds a bunch of positive things to say about DJ Augustin: "There are a handful of players in the NBA who manage to produce despite being under 6 feet tall - Jameer Nelson and Damon Stoudamire are 2. Jameer led the Magic to the playoffs this past spring and Damon has guided several playoff squads (back in Portland). So, teams can win with an undersized point."

Sam Smith -- -- Smith thinks Augustin is great, and that Weaver will be a contributor.

Aran Smith - -- Smith gives the Cats a C+, on the assumption that Augustin is likely an improvement over Felton, but that Ajinca is a loooooong way away from helping significantly.

Mike Solarte - News 14 Carolina -- "Jerryd Bayless (a guard) was still available, as was Brook Lopez (a center). Both were players that seemed to be on the Bobcats radar. Both Bayless and Lopez were rated higher than Augustin in every pre-draft rankings list I looked at. Augustin has impressive credentials, but this seems like a bit of a gamble here, for my tastes." Solarte agrees with me that getting Brook Lopez was probably the better option, even though Augustin ain't no punk. However, once they got their point guard, the Bobcats were almost obligated to get a big man. Unfortunately, they got a guy who won't help right away, if ever, and, according to Solarte, that's just not good enough for a team desperately in need of a playoff appearance soon.

I feel like I'm burying the lede a bit with this, but it deserves its own section, though I'm not sure I can make a whole post out of it. Benjamin Golliver of reports that the Augustin pick may have actually been on behalf of the Trailblazers, but that the Blazers' trade with Indiana for Bayless screwed the Bobcats. He also has a follow up. Both posts are must-reads.

"After New Jersey selects Lopez at #10, putting Indiana on the clock at #11, word is received that the Blazers have agreed to trade with Charlotte for DJ Augustin, in exchange for the #13 selection and unspecified considerations (Jarrett Jack plus ?). This message is immediately posted online and over the airwaves. Everyone in the press room has every reason to believe it to be true, especially when Jerryd Bayless goes off the board to Indiana at #11. "Phew," people are thinking, "good thing Pritchard got that deal done, otherwise we'd be high and dry with no point guard."

Of course, this is when the chaos starts. Within a matter of minutes, as begins to seriously lag due to too much traffic, a different report surfaces: the Blazers are trading Jack and the #13 to Indiana for the man they just drafted at #11, Jerryd Bayless. The initial report, the Augustin trade, is quickly yanked from the web as the two reports directly contradict each other. Picture 5 Fran Tarkentons running around the backfield and you've got the picture: lots of scrambling, running in and out of the room, phone call after phone call. Which is it? Bayless or Augustin?

As we all know, in the end, the real deal was Bayless."

If this story goes further, I'll follow up, too.