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Site Admin BS

Stupid site admin update...

This site will not be fully operational (you know, like the Death Star before those leftist terrorists attacked) until my host takes care of one major pressing issue.

That is, namely, even though the blog populates properly to, and even though all the Blogger settings are in order, it still won't populate to (the domain without the specified www subdomain). I asked a couple tech experts at work to take a look, and they told me the problem is likely with my host. I looked at a masking forward, but that just keeps URLs on the Blogspot domain instead of mine, and I've got no mojo with CNAME records.

So, I ended up calling the host's customer service, and both guys I talked to at opposite ends of the same day were flummoxed. It's in their hands and they'll have to figure it out. Unless someone else can provide answers first.

(UPDATE 6/29: It looks like I'll have to wait 'til August to resolve this issue by moving my domain to a different host. Crikee, it's annoying. Until then, I guess I'm stuck with the stupid starter page at non-www URLs.)