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Videos of Alexis Ajinca and Kyle Weaver

I've got a few YouTube videos posted below. The first is an Alexis Ajinca highlight video. The second is a Kyle Weaver highlight video. The third is... well, you'll see.

But first, I want to take a moment to link to what I think is the definitive essay on what makes a good player evaluation organization. It was written by Paul DePodesta, San Diego Padres assistant general manager. He explains why we should focus on process rather than outcomes, even though outcomes are how teams are ultimately judged.

So, when you read me blasting the Bobcats' draft, it's because the process was as rational as Ophelia asking where Hamlet is. Augustin could be the second coming of Chris Paul. Alexis Ajinca could be Kevin Garnett. Kyle Weaver could be Rip Hamilton with better defensive skills. If all that comes to pass, it will be because the Bobcats were lucky, and not because they had a reasonable idea it would happen.

Of course, if lightning strikes, I'll be happy, but wary of the moment when the luck will run out.

Anyway, on to the videos.

Alexis Ajinca

Kyle Weaver

And just to remind you of how distorting these videos can be, I present to you the player who was Michael Jordan mixed with Pete Maravich:

Brent Barry