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The Bobcats' Ideal Rotation

Barring a personnel move, the Bobcats will go into this season with plenty of logical rotations staring Larry Brown in the face. Knicks fans have been telling me that Brown will drive me insane with his lack of consistency on this matter, but I'm still holding out hope that a regular rotation will take shape and solidify in the season's first few weeks. Here's how I'd do it, off the top of my head. Starters are italicized.

Felton -- 36 minutes
Augustin -- 12 minutes

JRich -- 24 minutes
Carroll -- 18 minutes
Weaver -- 6 minutes

Force -- 24 minutes
JRich -- 12 minutes
Morrison -- 12 minutes

Dudley -- 18 minutes
May -- 18 minutes
Force -- 12 minutes

Chukwuemeka -- 30 minutes
Mohammed -- 18 minutes

Yes, I'm suggesting that Jared Dudley start at PF, and that Mohammed should only come off the bench to spell Okafor. These decisions are based on information from, which suggests that playing Dudley and Okafor together is a good thing, and that giving Matt Carroll playing time is a good thing. However, I also concede that Adam Morrison and Sean May are still largely (har har) unknown qualities, and we need to find out soon.

If Okafor doesn't play any forward, then it's a short lineup, but I'd take my chances constructing the roster such that Dudley, May, and Wallace have to play against bigger bulldog types, the Paul Milsaps of the world, in exchange for their efficacy guarding more shooter types of forwards, the Antawn Jamisons and Rashard Lewises of the world.

This team can hustle. They can rain threes. They can channel the Gerald Wallace spirit and play with flowing abandon at both ends of the floor. Felton's not at his best on the break, but I'm talking about flow more than beating the other team to the basket, here. Richardson, Carroll, and Morrison can all benefit from Felton's propensity to penetrate the lane and dish out to a spot-up shooter. Wallace can take it to the rack off the dribble. And Emeka can hang around and clean up misses like he was born to do.