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Camby Trade Means Emeka Likely to Stay

The Clippers made a game-changing deal in plucking Marcus Camby from the Enver Nuggets for what could literally be nothing. Rejoice, dear Bobcats fan, for it vastly reduces the likelihood Emeka Okafor bolts for non Cable Box pastures, which would consign us to wondering all season whether Ricky Rubio or B.J. Mullens is the better bet to deliver a championship someday.

Instead of taking away our hope for a respectable season, the Clips did better by acquiring the only big man in the league who's clearly a better defender than Emeka. So with the Clips getting Boom Dizzle, Philly getting E. Brand, and the Warriors spending their money on the likes of Corey Maggette (good luck with that, guys), it looks like Okafor's best option will be to play out the season in Charlotte, hope he remains injury-free, and get Andrew Bogut money next offseason, either from the Bobcats, if they show signs of leaping toward the playoffs, or a competently run franchise that won't waste his talents by surrounding him with overpaid mediocrity.

Now, just for kicks, here's how my Tuesday night started.