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Monday Afternoon Link Dump

Moving apartments takes a lot of time and sweat. I don't mind the sweat. The time thing is killing me. However, I'm now walking distance to the Cable Box. Good times.

Here's what's happenin' in Bobcats land, link dump style.

"Rookie stands tall enough" -- Charlotte Observer -- I have yet to see a single column or article about DJ Augustin that mentions his defense. Will somebody please acknowledge that a lot of NBA point guards will be able to shoot over him? Will someone ask Larry Brown how he expects Augustin to guard the half-dozen or so points that have legit post-up games, like Baron or Chauncey? I love the news that Augustin's playing mature offense, but the defense is still a total mystery.

"Elton Brand is gone. What's next for the Los Angeles Clippers?" -- Orlando Sentinel -- If Emeka Okafor signs elsewhere, we're screwed. That's all there is to it. The best lineup the Cats would be capable of throwing out in Emeka's absence involves Matt Carroll at the two, JRich at the three, and Gerald Wallace at the four, with Nazr Mohammed and (gulp) Jermareo Davidson and Ryan Hollins splitting time at the five. If he leaves, I hold no hope of getting Josh Smith, because Larry Brown would throw a hissy fit if he had to try to find minutes for Richardson, Wallace, and Smith. The idea, though enticing, is a non-starter for Brown.

"Brown lifts Hornets past Bobcats" -- ESPN -- Summer league hardly matters. Marco Bellinelli is a summer league legend. Skita once put up 25 and 14 in a summer league game.