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My Uniform Design for Oklahoma City's NBA Team

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch has sent out the call: Design the new OKC uniforms. I'm no graphic artist, but I love to think about and talk about design. You may or may not have noticed little things about Rufus on Fire that I have always wanted to see in my favorite blogs: big type, lots of white space, and a combination of few defined borders (the dotted lines) with lots of implied borders (you still know where each sidebar begins and ends).

Anyway, below are the uniform ideas I churned out in one evening.

Home Uniform

Road Uniform

-- I'm calling this team the Oklahoma City Bandwagon. I thought about the Boomers, but I don't particularly like the connotations, if I'm remembering my history correctly and understand that boomers were settlers who essentially poached land from the natives. Instead, let's make a more subtle reference to settlers and their wagons, and an explicit call to be a fan.

-- The colors are taken directly from the Oklahoma City seal.

-- I like jerseys like my websites: clean and uncluttered. However, I think this design stays away from the boringness of the Hawks' and Nets' designs by using brighter tones.

-- A fun byproduct of simple and unfussy jerseys is that the small details make the design pop. I've added drop shadows to the words on the chest, but they're not black. I've also made the shorts extremely layered, with letters framed by piping down the sides and the Oklahoma City seal itself on the left leg.

-- Here are the two uniforms, side by side.