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Announcements About David and Rufus on Fire

A couple announcements:

First, I've changed the About page, which is also linked in the upper left hand corner. Previously, I skirted around where I work, but after some more thought, I'm comfortable letting you know I work for As stated on the About page, I work mostly behind the scenes, and Rufus on Fire is entirely my baby; what's posted here is my work alone and doesn't necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

However, my second announcement has to do with said employer. I'm proud to announce that I'll be writing regularly for the freshly launched First Cuts, a sports culture blog. I've linked it in my blog roll, and editor Chris Littman has linked Rufus on Fire on the First Cuts front page. As I'm sure you realize, sports culture goes beyond just the action on the field. Shoes, clothing, video games, music, visual arts, politics. Sports inform them all, and we'll tackle them all, and more.