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Shout Outs 8-27-08

Free Darko: I was a semi-liberated fan before I started learning what liberated fandom was. Does your game actually reflect who you are? My boys just added another guy to our regular game after he'd been working with us for a few weeks, amd he said he was shocked by how I play. Huh. Apparently, my Rodman-modeled game doesn't match up with my personality.

NBA FanHouse -- Props for naming Gerald Wallace one of the league's top 50.

Joe Posnanski: He is to modern sports writing what Roger Ebert is to film writing. Exhibit #3,118

Roger Ebert: I just mentioned him, and his blog is off the charts. Rock it.

My Fantasy Football League: I know you don't care, but I still have to brag. 12 teams, PPR, no flex. We held an auction draft, and I got LDT and Gore. Santonio and Santana. Warner, Schaub and Garrard. Marcedes Lewis. Packers D. Phil Dawson. Crap thrown at the wall for the bench, but Kevin Smith, Maurice Morris, and Steve Slaton are among them.