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The Bobcats Facial Hair Project

The NBA season is long, yet losing teams can discover they're losers early in the process. Most people will use win percentage and games behind to illustrate how good or bad their team is. I'm going to use facial hair.

This may turn out to be an epic fail idea, but I'm drawn to long-term projects and graphs, and this may be a way to combine the two.

After every Bobcats game, I will take a self-portrait photograph. Every time the Bobcats win, I will shave my facial hair. Update 11/4/08: I'm more follicle-challenged than I thought. Instead of using real-time portraits, I'll use pictures featuring various states of facial hair. Clean-shaven for wins, increasing hair for losing streaks. By the end of the year, we should have a nice little graphical representation of the Bobcats' season.

When the season starts, I'll post the day's picture in its own post, and I'll accumulate and order all the photos here.