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If Carl Landry Doesn't Stay a Rocket, We Should Send Daryl Morey a Fruit Basket

I like Carl Landry. You like him. Everyone has a reason to like Carl Landry. And the Rockets have no reason to let him go.

In some of my fantasies about turning around the Bobcats, we make a move like this, only it's for real, and we get to keep Landry, start him at power forward, and that way we'd have, essentially, three power forwards grabbing boards and being menaces on defense, able to handle all manner of opposing frontcourts, in Wallace, Okafor, and Landry, with Mohammed and May coming off the bench for a change of pace. Unfortunately, in this situation, Daryl Morey isn't dumb (see: in the running for smartest GM in the game with Kevin Pritchard), so he'll likely retain Landry for the low price of $3 million per year.

Remember, paying someone to be replacement level costs a little under $3 million, and Landry's worth much more than that, even as a bench ace, so this contract is a massive bargain for whichever team gets him. Even after adding luxury tax dollars to Landry's deal, he's still probably well worth the money they'd be spending on him.

(UPDATE: Bingo!)